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Why the hell would you buy a 500fps ak47? The internals will be torn to bits unless they are like top of the line internals. But if you are going for the sniper position, I would go with the sniper. If you are caught mid-way and cant decide, A&K makes a 500fps Dragunov.

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Q: What is better for an airsoft war a 500 fps ak47 or a 530 fps sniper?
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What is better a double eagle m50 sniper rifle airsoft bb gun or a warrior mb-01 l96 airsoft sniper rifle?

Personally, I would get the Well MB01 L96 because it has better performance. It gets 500+ fps while the DE M50 gets about 315 - 325 fps. For a Sniper, you want a good fps to get better accuracy.

What is the value of a polytech pre-ban Chinese ak47?


Is the well mb05 awm aps2 airsoft sniper rifle from really 500 FPS?

yes and that is with no upgrades and it also depends on which bbs you use because it will only be 475 with .3g bbs wich is very exeptional

What is the most powerful sniper rifle in airsoft please link?

most are around the same 450 fps besides Tokyo marui(like 300fps but with much more quality). yet all spring sniper rifles are very easy to upgrade. just buy a new 500 or 550 fps spring for like 8 bucks

What clips will fit the Mossberg M590 airsoft shotgun?

i noticed the mossberg 500 airsoft mag can but i cant find any

How many yards can an ak47 bullet go?

it is 300-400 yards. AK74 is 500 yards

How much does the T68 paintball tactical sniper cost?

There are many T68 "sniper" models. most of them are 500+ dollars.

Which one is better the AK47 or the M4 carbine?

In very general terms, the AK will handle harsh environments better with less user maintenance. The M4 is more accurate at longer ranges. Which is better depends on you and your needs. __________________________________________________ This contributor has fired an AK47 variant (Finnish Valmet) and it is accurate out to 500 meters. The AK is heavy as hell, but it is rugged, reliable, and nearly unbreakable. If the M4 is more accurate at longer ranges, it is probably because of improved ammunition.

What is the most dangerous airsoft gun?

THe most dangerous airsoft gun is probably any of the Systema PTW series if they have the highest power cylinder. With it they can shoot at approximately 700 fps. A highly moded gas sniper rifle may also be able to achieve similar power, but I am not aware of any other airsoft gun that can shoot over 500 fps stock. Also, the Systema PTW has an absurdly high rate of fire, so it can deliver bb after bb. Most people who use these guns us weaker cylinders though, so in an airsoft game you will never have to worry about anything over 500 fps, and most guns will be around, if not lower, than 400 fps.

How much fps should an airsoft gun have with a 6-14x40 zoom be?


What is the most powerful spring airsoft gun?

Spring airsoft guns are generally starter guns. If you want a powerful gun, get a c02 or gasoline/propane powered gun. However, most airsoft sniper rifles do use spring (bolt-action) firing speeds, and you can get Sniper rifles for as cheap as 50$ in the U.S.. Look for rifles with 400-500 fps for optimal power.

Where can you buy an airsoft mg34 for UNDER 500?

No where. Sorry, the only airsoft MG34 that I think is available is a GBB (Gas BlowBack) for $3650 at, but other than that there's no other place.