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Monster hunter is on ps2. The others are all on psp mh freedom is mh on psp and mhf2 is intirely diff to mhf which is on psp and ps2 and mhfu is an expansion to mhf2 but is oinly on psp and finally mh tri is only on wii and is again in a completely separate place to mhfu

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It depends, Monster Hunter Freedom is a port of Monster Hunter G from the PS2 to the PSP. As of now they have stopped producing non-portable Monster Hunter games except for Monster Hunter 3 (tri) for the Wii which comes out on April 20th 2010. The most recent Monster Hunter portable game already released is Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, with a 2011 expected release for the English port from the Japanese Monster Hunter portable 3G which is a not so direct port of Monster Hunter 3 (tri).

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no,no,no you'll need 2 psp to get online or watch this in YouTube

Get your PSP online using Xlink Kai & WiFi Max part 1/3

ok thnx

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Q: What is better monster hunter or monster hunter freedom?
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Should I buy Monster Hunter Tri or Monster Hunter Freedom Unite as my first monster hunter game?

Special edition i think its better.

How do you view the weapons of Monster Hunter?

na u cant view weapons in monster hunter i suggest use monster hunter freedom unite it is much better

How do you get invicibility in monster hunter freedom?

There is no way to get invincibility in Monster Hunter Freedom.

When did Monster Hunter Freedom happen?

Monster Hunter Freedom happened in 2005.

Where can you buy monster freedom hunter?

its called monster hunter freedom unite idiot

How can you get your felyne come with you in your quest in monster hunter freedom 2?

you mean Monster Hunter Freedom Unite? or Freedom 2? only Monster Hunter Freedom Unite has Felyne Fighters.

Can monster hunter freedom unite play ad hoc with monster hunter freedom 2?


When was Monster Hunter Freedom created?

Monster Hunter Freedom was created on 2005-12-01.

When did Monster Hunter Freedom Unite happen?

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite happened in 2008.

What quest do you have beat to get the kirin quest in monster hunter freedom 2?

I dont know how to do it on monster hunter freedom 2g but i know how to do it on monster hunter freedom unite. sorry =(

Is monster hunter portable 3rd coming to the us?

It's a game.In America (United States) it's called Monster Hunter Freedom. There are 3 games available for the PSP, Monster Hunter Freedom, Monster Hunter Freedom 2, and Monster Hunter Freedom Unite.

Is avatar the game better than monster hunter freedom 2?

It's your opinion.