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phantom has heavy armor and strong weapons and carries troops, but seraph is fast, light armored, and has strong blasters. so which is better? your choice

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Q: What is better phantom or seraph in halo?
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How do you fly the seraph in halo reach?

Piloting a seraph is easy. its just normal flying skills, but don't fly it like a falcon. Fly it like a banshee.

What are the release dates for Phantom Halo - 2014?

Phantom Halo - 2014 was released on: USA: 2014

Can you drive an phantom in Halo 3?


Can you fly a phantom in Halo 3?


How can you ride in a phantom in any halo?

you cant.

How can you fix the Halo Megabloks Phantom sides?


How do you jack a phantom in halo 2?

Poo your pants

How do you get a phantom in halo reach?

you get it on new alexandrea as a cheat

Can you drive a phantom with a gun in halo reach?

You cant

Is there any mods to drive a pelican or a phantom in halo 3?

No there is not a mod

How do you fly a phantom?

you can't fly one in halo 2 but there is a glitch in reach where you can transform youre banshe into a phantom... sweet huh?

When did Seraph - band - end?

Seraph - band - ended in 1995.