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Q: What is bigger than you but doesn't weigh anything?
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What is bacteria bigger than?

bacteria is bigger than germs or anything

Is a bigbang bigger or a supernova?

The Big Bang was bigger than anything.

Is there anything bigger than a gallon?


Who are ladybirds enemies?

anything bigger than it

Is there anything bigger than a terameter?


Are Capaybara's bigger than bears?

No. They weigh up to 45 pounds.

What ball is bigger a nfl ball or a college ball?

Marks balls are way bigger than that so it doesnt matter.

Which is bigger 3.22 grams or 4250 grams?

4,250 of anything is bigger than 3.22 of the same thing. Grams are no exception.4250 is bigger than 3.22 so 4250 grams is bigger than 3.22 grams!

An angle bigger than 180 and smaller than 360?

Well, Anything bigger than 180 but smaller than 360 .

What is bigger than a softball?

football anything that is bigger than a softball obiusly...

Will a smaller ball roll faster than a bigger ball?

yes because a smaller ball doesnt have that much wait to carry than a bigger ball

Do white rhinoceros weigh more than the elephant?

No, elephants are heavier and bigger than rhinos.