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Biological Magnification, also called bioaccumulation -- is the process whereby certain substances such as pesticides or heavy metals move up the food chain.

These substances work their way into rivers or lakes, and are eaten by aquatic organisms such as fish, which in turn are eaten by large birds, animals or humans. The substances, called bioaccumulants, become concentrated in tissues or internal organs as they move up the chain.

It occurs when compounds are poorly excreted by an organism thereby leading to a buildup of said compound as the organism consumes more and more organisms/substances containing the compound.

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Q: What is biological magnification?
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What biological magnification?

biological magnification is when biological matter is magnified.

Causes of biological magnification?

when many ditergen get mix with water they cause biological magnification

What are the causes of biological magnification?

......way ayo..

How is DDT related to biological magnification?

it isn't

What are the rules for a biological drawing IN MAGNIFICATION?

i ont know

What happens in biological magnification?

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Which does biological magnification or bioaccumulation describe?

the world is a big place

Air and water pollution have been reduced by what?

Increasing biological magnification

What are solutions to biological magnification pesticides?

Reducing monoculture, crop rotation, biological controls, the production of biodegradable pesticides and genetically engineering plants to produce their own pesticides are some solutions to biological magnification. Education about the impact of pesticides on the ecosystem and human health is also important.

What is the type of organism likely to suffer the most from the effects of biological magnification?

tertiary consumer

How did biological magnification play a role in the disappearance of the peregrine falcon?

The use of the pesticide DDT.

Which type of organism is likely to suffer the effect of biological magnification most?

tertiary consumer

Define biological magnification and explain why humans are often more severely affected?

Biological magnification: the process by which pollutants become more concentrated in successive trophic levels of a food web (accumulation of pollutants in fatty tissues of a predator) Humans are often more severely affected than earlier trophic levels due to biological magnification. The ppm (parts per million) is the unit of measurement for concentration of chemicals like pollutants and augment to a degenerative degree in higher trophic levels. Humans are consumers and higher in the food web, thus subject to the malicious effects of biological magnification of toxins.

What can people do to solve the problem of biomagnification?

we can solve the concentration of biological magnification if produce less DDT

Peregrine falcons and other birds suffer from increased concentrations of toxins in a process know as?

Biological Magnification

What causes excessively high levels of toxic chemicals in fish-eating birds?

(c) biological magnification

Example of biological magnification?

An example of biological magnification can be seen when pesticides work their way into the streams and lakes. These toxic chemicals are ingested by fish and other aquatic organisms. When the fish and aquatic organisms are eaten by birds, humans, and other animals they are working their way through the food chain and can have hazardous effects.

What are Effects of biological magnification on soil?

they can destroy the nutrients in soil thus creating dangerous plants which can be fatal to the animals that eat them

What is the process concentrations of harmful substances increase in organisms at higher tropic levels in a food chain known as?

biological magnification -teddybearr

What organism is effected most by biological magnification?

biological magnification:The increasing concentration of toxins from pesticides, herbicides, and various types of waste in living organisms that accompanies cycling of nutrients through the trophic levels of food webs.I myself am I trying to find the answer to this question, I believe that biological magnification increases with an increase in trophic level. If a snail eats grass that has been sprayed by pesticides, the snail is poisoned, then a mole eats the snail, the mole is poisoned. This continues until the tertiary consumer itself is infected with the worst strain of the poison/toxin.

Is total magnification an eyepiece magnification plus an objective magnification?

eyepiece magnification times obective magnification

What organisms in the food chain is affected the most by biological magnification?

I think the Consumers are mostly affected due to the rapid growth of a substance in the chain.

When a pollutant present in low concentrations in the environment becomes concentrated as it moves through the food chain this is called?

either a or b. biological magnification or biomagnification. ((:

How does pollution relate to biological magnification?

DDT is a prime example. It affected Gerbes (a water bird), who ingested fish contianing the toxins after they ate midges

What is the definition of total magnification?

total magnification=(magnification by ocular lens) multiply (magnification of objective lens)