What is blooper?

Updated: 9/24/2023
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it is a squid from Mario games

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funny mistakes

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Q: What is blooper?
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How many tenacles does blooper have?

Blooper has 6.

How many tentacles does a blooper have?

10A blooper has 10 tentacles.

What is the ISBN of The Phantom Blooper?

The ISBN of The Phantom Blooper is 0553057189.

When was The Phantom Blooper created?

The Phantom Blooper was created in 1990-02.

Is Nathan Bloopers and Jeanett Bloopers related?

Yes Jeanette Blooper and Nathan Blooper are related!

Who is Blooper?

Blooper is not a Pokemon. Blooper is a squid-shaped reoccuring enemy in the Mario video game series. Bloopers are generally light blue and small, and sometimes hover. One note-worthy blooper is Gooper Blooper, a boss in Super Mario Sunshine. He is just like a regular blooper only much, MUCH bigger. Gooper Blooper was defeated when Mario jumped on the tips of his tentecals to stun them, and then pull them off. After his legs were removed, Mario could grab Gooper Blooper's mouth, tug it, and launch him into the sea. Gooper Blooper was the second most fought boss in the game (3 times. Third was Petey Piranha with 2 battles, and first went to Shadow Mario, with many, MANY battles.)

What are the ratings and certificates for Pardon My Blooper - 1974?

Pardon My Blooper - 1974 is rated/received certificates of: USA:R

Anything hidden in Mario party 8?

Charcters: Blooper and Hammer Bro

What is a blooper?

it is a squid from Mario games

How many tentacles does blooper?


How many legs does a blooper have?


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