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Q: What is blouse clothing to what shoe?
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Article of clothing that starts with a b?


Does a shoe sponsor count as a clothing sponsor?


Can you name four items of clothing beginning with the letter b?

Sure! A Bag, a Blouse, a Bikini, and Boots.

What was the Pier 1 clothing line?

I think it was Adini?No, It was called Passport."Gypsy, The Clothing Collection of Pier 1" - at least according to the label of an 80s blouse in my possession.

Can you try the blouse on?

I'm unable to try on clothing as I'm a virtual assistant. If you need help with styling tips or information about the blouse, feel free to ask!\

What is a four letter word for bottom-clothing?

Shoe and sock!

What is zendaya Coleman's favorite place to be?

Clothing and shoe stores.

What is the meaning of the term 'kebaya'?

The term "kebaya" is a word used to described a clothing style that originates from Indonesia. It is considered to be Indonesia's national costume. The style involves wearing a combination of a blouse and dress, with the blouse fastened to the dress with a brooch.

In eclipse what item of clothing was stolen from Bella's room?

Her red shirt or red blouse not sure which but one of the 2 hope it helps

What is a item of clothing that begins with i?

insole (part of a shoe) or inner tie??

What 4 letter word is a piece of clothing?

vest, sock, shoe

What Item of clothing has 4 letters?

Coat, sock, shoe, robe...