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What is bode plot?

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bode plot is representation of a system graphicaly using frequency response and the unit of decibell.

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What is the bode theory?

The Bode plot are graphs that are used to show a system's frequency response. The Bode plot was created by engineer Henry Bode.

What is the difference between bode plot and root locus?

Bode plot is for Frequency Response Analysis Root-Locus plot is for time-domain analysis

Why bode plot is called plot not graph?

cos it's a plot it needs to be called a plot

Why do you need to draw a bode plot?

I donโ€™t know

What is the difference between polar plot and bode plot?

polar plots are those in which magnitude and phase are drawn together in a figure by varying the frequency(unit generally radians per sec or otherwise hertz). bode plot is the one in which 20 log(magnitudde) and phase are plotted with respect to frequncy. DURGESH PAREVA DELHI INDIA

Bode Plot Is applicable to minimum phase network or non minimum phase network?

minimum phase network

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What are the effects of negative feedback?

Negative feedback: Increases the stability of a system. Increases bandwidth that can be addressed bode plot becomes flatter. Decreases gain.

Can we know the stability from Bode plot?

It has been awhile for me, but if all of the poles are to the left of the vertical axis, then it will be stable. Any poles on the vertical, or to the right, and it will be unstable.

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