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A shape with six sides is called a hexagon. You here is everywhere. In the latin term hexa- means six.


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A regular 2-dimensional shape with 6 sides is called a hexagon.A regular 3-dimensional shape with 6 sides is called a cube.

This Shape is a HEXAGON which has 6 sides and 6 angles.

The answer to the question 'What is a shape with six sides called' would be a hexagon.

a 6 SIDED shape is called a hexagon

A hexagon is a shape that has 6 sides

Six sided shapes are called hexagons. If all 6 sides are the same size, then the shape is called a regular hexagon.

A shape with 6 sides is a hexagon. A shape, that is, with 6 EQUAL sides.

A shape with 5 sides is called a pentagon.

A shape with four sides is called a quadrilateral.

A shape with 12 sides is called a dodecagon.

A six sided shape is called a hexagon. It is a flat shape with straight sides and can be either concave or convex.

It is an hexagon which has 6 sides

I assume you want the name of each shape, not just the generic polygon which refers to any multi-sided shape.5 sides - pentagon6 sides - hexagon7 sides - heptagon8 sides - octagon9 sides - nonagon10 sides - decagon

Shapes have sides. Do you mean, what shape has 6 sides or, what solid has 6 faces?

A shape with ten sides is called a decagon

A shape w/ 11 sides is called a hendecagon.

A hexagon has 6 sides and 6 vertices.

Hexagons has 6 sides and 6 angles.

Hexagon has 6 sides and 6 corners.

A shape with 3 sides is called a triangle. A triangle is a polygon and polygons have 3 or more sides.

A hexagon has six sides.

A hexagon has 6 sides and 6 angles.

A shape with three sides is called a triangle.

A shape with nine sides is called a nonagon.

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