What is caps abbreviation for?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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capital punishment

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Q: What is caps abbreviation for?
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Is the proper abbreviation for compact disk in caps CD or lower case CD?

CD in all caps is the correct abbreviation.

Abbreviation of SAVE is?

Sav, in all caps, I believe.

What is the medical abbreviation meaning capsules?

cap or caps

What is the abbreviation for capital?

There is no real abbreviation for the word capital - although "Cap or Caps" is occasionally used.

What is the proper abbreviation for not applicable?

"Not applicable" is abbreviated as N/A, in caps.

What is Marylands abbreviation?

The abbreviation for Maryland accepted by the United States Postal Service is MD (all caps; no punctuation).

Abbreviation for boulevard?

The official postal abbreviation is BLVD (no period, all caps). The conventional dictionary abbreviation is Blvd.

What does the medical abbreviation CAPS mean?

The meaning of the medical abbreviation CAPS depends on the context.Some examples follow:Calcium-Activated Protein for SecretionCanadian Association of Paediatric SurgeonsCardiac Arrhythmia Pilot StudyCenter for Aids Prevention StudiesComplex Aortic Arch Plaques"Caps" on a prescription is short for capsules.

What is the postal abbreviation for Terrace?

The form accepted by the United States Postal Service is TER (all caps; no punctuation).

What Letter are on cardinals' caps?

Big S, little t = abbreviation for the word "saint" Big L = for "Louis"

What is the standard abbreviation for Ohio?

OH The standard two-letter abbreviation for the state of Ohio is OH. "OH" in all caps is the postal abbreviation. When used in copy, "Ohio" should never be abbreviated.

Is an apostrophe needed if you are writing in caps?

In abbreviations (where every letter is capitalized), use an apostrophe to indicate that the "s" is not part of the abbreviation.