What is carbon look like?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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Carbon takes on many forms and colors. All living things are carbon-based life forms. Pure carbon is jet-black.

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Q: What is carbon look like?
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What does a ton of carbon dioxide look like?

Carbon dioxide is colorless.

What does an atom of carbon look like?


What does a carbon 3D model look like?

it looks like something

What is the form of the carbon that look like football?


What does the carbon dioxide oxygen cycle look like?

O2=oxygen CO2=carbon dioxide

What does a carbon monoxide medical mask look like?

it looks like a bane mask.

Describe what carbon dioxide looks like?

it is an invisible gas, it doesnt look like anything

What does unsaturated fatty acid look like?

It looks like an oil, somewhat like olive oil does. Adding hydrogen saturates the carbon to carbon bonds making it a solid.

How does an organic molecule look like?

Any organic molecule contain carbon.

Why do the carbon and oxygen cycles overlap?

I don't know what do i look like your mom?!!?!?!?!?!

What would the graph of carbon dioxide storage look like?

It would be decreasing

What are the Lion King masks made from?

Carbon graphite and other carbon fibres, which are then painted to look like various types of wood.