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What is carbon used for?


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February 03, 2014 5:12AM

Carbon has made forms and can be used for several things.

Diamond - Gemstone quality are cut and placed in jewelery, Industrial diamonds are used in tools like diamond tipped saws and drill bits designed to cut into heavy materials like stone or metal.

Water Filters - Carbon can combine with many other elements which is why it is used to remove a number of impurities from drinking water and small aquariums.

Electronics - Carbon is commonly used in electronic components (such as resistors) found in TVs, Radios, Computers, Playstations, etc.

Feul & Energy - In the form of coal it is widely used in the boliers of electrical power plants to generate energy. In developing countries it is used as a more efficient means over wood for heating the home and cooking. In China the coal that is mined is pressed into round stackable bricks that are alloted to the people without electricity every month so they can cook food and heat their homes.

Graphite - The "Pencil Lead" for wooden and mechanical pencils. A dry lubricant commonly used on small mechanical devices like locks and hobby motors of miniature vehicles.

Drinks - By mixing with oxygen in the form of Carbon Dioxide it allows for the bubbles in soda.

Food - In the form of baking soda (Sodium Bicarbonate) it creates gas bubble that make cookies and cakes light and airy.

Steel - The strong and common alloy is made by adding carbon to iron.

Simple Calories - Carbon in one of the key elements in the sugars and starches that make up the carbohydrades in food. The subtances are typically plant-based in origin and are the easiest to breakdown into energy.

Nano Tubes - An experimental "artificial muscle" consisting of strong microscopic carbon structures that can flex and contract with electrical current.

Aerospace Engineering - New aircraft and spacecraft hulls are made of overlapping layers of woven carbon fiber material and heated resins. The combined layers are stronger and lighter than the traditional aluminum panals that make up older aircraft and space craft skins.

it is used for making diamonds and lead.

this is how it works as you might know carbon some times gets trapped in a place in the earth and the earth squeezes the carbon for millions of years and if the bond is strong then it creates a diamonds but if it is a weak bond then it creates lead to be more precise grafite. Right now humans can make artificial diamonds. You may already know this but diamonds are so strong element on earth. It is impossible to break diamonds the only way to break a diamond is using another diamond. So diamonds are used on jack hammers and those jack hammers are called diamond head jack hammers.

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