What is catagorical data?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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Data separable into categories that are mutually exclusive, for example, age groups.

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Q: What is catagorical data?
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Is Immanuel Kant famous?

For the Catagorical Imperative.

Why is immanuel kant famous?

For the Catagorical Imperative.

Who was Immanuel Kant?

A Prussian Philosopher who popularized the Catagorical Imperative.

Standardized deductive arguments which can be tested for validity by the Venn diagram method or by the rules method?

Categorical claims. Checked per quiz. In a philosophy course, the correct answer is Catagorical Syllogism. I put in Catagorical Claims and got it wrong.

How do you determine if a decision is morally right?

Catagorical imperativeIf all or most people acted in accordance with your decision, would society be better off? i think its the peoples' 'conscious'

What is a repository for definitions of data processes data flows data stores and data elements.?

The repository for definitions of data processes data flows data stores and data elements is the "DATA DICTIONARY"

What is master data metadata and run time data?

Metadata is data that is about data.?æ Although it describes the data, it's not considered business data. Master data is business data. Run-time data is data that is in the process of being run.

Another word simliar to storage?

Data Store Data Reserve Data Stow Data Warehouse Data Repository Data Depot Data Storehouse

Data formats and data collection?

Data formats: It is formating all data file from pcs.whatever it is not use.suppose when data is full,and some data we want to delete it.. Data collection: It is the collection of new data file.when new data is collecting..

Difference between meta data and data dictionary?

Data dictionary is a repository to store all information. Meta data is data about data. It is data that defines other data. The data dictionary can be metadata that describes some information about the database.

What makes up meta data what kind of data makes up meta data?

Metada data is data that describes other data.

What is data cleaning in clinical data management?

Data cleaning is where the data may have missing data such as gender and the data manager has to go back to the source to find the data or data is incorrect and has to be corrected back at the source.