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What does a character want? --APEX

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A character's motivation is something that propels inside of them, their personality.

Another definition is to wonder what makes people behave the way they do.

In a novel or play character motivation is concerned with explaining (in the work of literature itself) why the character act in the way they do: for example, Jim Doe hates Jane Doe in a novel, and the motivation (reason - as presented in the novel) is that at some time in the past he did her an injustice which she has not forgiven. Something that keeps them going.

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Q: What is character motivation?
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Why does character motivation matter?

Character motivation matters because it propels the plot

What is motivation in drama?

Character motivation is when a person or character has a reason to enter or exit a scene

What are examples of character motivation?

examples of character motivation are anything in a story that would influence the character to make a certain decision

What is the reason for a character's action called?


What question best addresses character motivation?

What does the character want?

Why is discovering a character's motivation in literature important?

Discovering a character's motivation in literature is important because it helps readers understand the character better. This insight helps readers connect to the character better.

What is an example of character motivation?


A character's motivation is his or her?

quan figure it out

What is characterizaton?

the development of a character throughout a novel/ poem the revealing of character traits and motivation

Which question is an author most likely to ask when developing character motivation?

What does my character want

What does motivation mean?

what makes the character act the way he or she does

What does not give you clues to character motivation?

symbols and motifs

When writers convey the reasons for a character's actions they are describing the character's?


Is it important to have Character Motivation?

All of your characters must have motivation. It's what makes them do things. If you're writing a good story, the motivation will come as you learn more about your characters.

What does character motivation means?

the reasons for the characters actions in a story

What does motivation mean in story terms?

An author needs to show why the characters in the story do what they do. Otherwise the story is not believable. Motivation is the "why" that impels a character.

Which question must the reader ask to effectively analyze character motivation?


Character motivation in Romeo and Juliet?

Since no one helped me and I had to help myself, I shall help you. The part where Juliet takes Romeo's dagger and kills herself is an example. That is an example of character motivation because she decides to kill herself to be with Romeo since he is already dead. Her motivation in this scene is to be with Romeo for eternity.

What does knowing a character motivation help the reader better understand?

We understand the character's actions better when we are privy to the motivations behind them.

Definition of motivation in story?

the REASON a character does something or behaves in a certain way

What is the best definition of motivation in a story?

the force of influence that drives a character to act

Which character motivation best matches this conflict?

The girl loves her family and wants to protect them. APEX

What is the act of developing and creating a character?

Character creation is when you think of a character for a book/movie/play etc. and give them a personality, lifestyle, appearance, relationships and motivation Character development is how a character changes due to what is happening in the story.

What affects the performance of an athlete?

Skill, motivation, dedication, sex life, relationship with parents, and character.

What is the character motivation in Pretty Little Liars?

The motovation is that the girls want to find out who killed Ali.

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