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it has no chemical formula. it is a mixture. only compounds have a chemical formula.

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Is chili powder a nut?

No. Chilli powder is made from peppers.

Why do the nuts heat the water?

Because of the chemical energy stored in the nut, the heat burns it and as the chemical energy burns out, the fire on the nut will start to burn out.

What is soap nut in Tamil?

athu ennaku theringa nan en ungalta kekkuren

Does pucker powder contain nuts?

Pucker Powder does not contain nuts and it is made in a nut free environment. See www.puckerpowder.com http://www.puckerpowder.com/faq.aspx

Is there real honey in honey nut cheerios?

yes, but there's chemical sweeteners as well.

Where can I find a recipe for banana nut bread?

The main ingredients found in homemade banana nut bread are mashed bananas, sugar, flour, eggs, butter, baking powder, vanilla extract, salt and walnuts.

Is the Walt Disney World Coffee kosher?

I tried to find out whether their coffee is indeed Kosher but couldnt. I can tell you that Coffee Beanery's coffee is Kosher. Please visit us at www.coffeebeanery.com if you would like to order Kosher coffee. Rabbi Yisroel Weingarten Flint, Michigan 48532 July 31, 2009 The Coffee Beanery 3429 Pierson Place Flushing, Michigan 48433 To whom it may concern, This letter is to certify that the items listed below, prepared & packaged by The Coffee Beanery, 3429 Pierson Road, Flushing, Michigan, are Kosher and Pareve and under our supervision.AMARETTO BANANA NUT BUTTER RUM CARAMEL APPLE CHOCOLATE FUDGE CHOCOLATE MINT CHOCOLATE RASPBERRY CINNAMON COCONUT ENGLISH TOFFEE FRENCH TOAST FRENCH VANILLA HAZELNUT IRISH CREAM MACADAMIA NUT MAPLE PUMPKIN SPICE SWEET CHERRY SMORES SWISS CHOCOLATE ALMOND TOASTED ALMOND TRIPLE CARMEL CREAM VANILLA NUT CREAM VERMONT MAPLE AMARETTO- POWDER BUTTER RUM -POWDER CINNAMON SUP- POWDER CHERRY - POWDER CHOCOLATE ALMOND- POWDER CHOCOLATE FUDGE-POWDER CHOCOLATE MINT- POWDER CHOCOLATE RASPBERRY-POWDER COCONUT-POWDER ENGLISH TOFFEE-POWDER FRENCH VANILLA -POWDER HAZELNUT- POWDER TRIPLE CARMEL -POWDER TOASTED ALMOND- POWDER VANILLA NUT CR- POWDER CINNAMON POWDERAll products listed above are certified only in sealed packages with the K Pareve indication until July 30, 2010. This Certification is subject to renewal at that time. Sincerely, Rabbi Yisroel Weingarten RYW/sp

Does Nestle cocoa powder contain nuts?

Pure cocoa powders do not contain nuts. However they may still contain 'nut traces'.

What is the formula to calculate pitch of a hexagonal nut?

For metric, use mm - For English, use Inches English Example: [ 1inch / (thickness of nut) ] x (number of turns for the bolt to get through the nut ) typical numbers are 18, 24, and 32. Metric: (thickness of nut in mm) / (number of turns for the bolt to get through the nut) typical numbers are 1, 1.25, 1.5, and 2.

Where did the word Coca cola came from?

Cocaine and the cola (nut) - major ingredients in the very first formula

What chemicals are produced from cocoa nut tree?

Derived products from cocoa bean: - cocoa powder - cocoa oil - cocoa butter - cocoa liquor - chocolate

Is a punch nut a locking nut?

A punch nut is not a locking nut

Is a macadamia nut a tree nut?

Yeah, macadamia nut, also known as Hawaii nut or Queensland nut is nut from the evergreen macadamia tree.

What is the formula to design a hexagonal nut and bolts from a hexagonal or round bar?

To design a hexagonal nut and bolt from a hexagonal or round bar, your answer depends on whether you are using English or Metric. For metric, you will use millimeters. For English, you will inches.

What do you do when you get a cramp and a gorilla fights you for a nut?

First get a blowtorch, matches, dish soap, and some gasoline. Next, poor gasoline on an imaginary line between you and the gorilla. Then, light the gasoline on fire with your blowtorch. Next you squeeze the dish soap in the gorilla's eyes. Lastly, you simply escape.

Is Cadbury marvelous creations halal?

There are two kinds of Cadury marvelous creations which are: Jelly popping candy shells and Cookie nut crunch. As far as i'm aware on the back of the wrapping of the Jelly popping candy shell it states that it is Suitable for Vegetarianswhich is halal however on the Cookie nut crunch it says not suitable for vegetarians that is because it contains whey powder and it is not halal because of how the whey powder is created.

Is a Brazil nut a nut?

No, a "brazil nut" is not a nut at all, but rather a seed from a capsule.

Is a cocoa nut a nut?

No. A cocoa nut is a vegetable.

Is a Brazil nut a nut or a legume?

The Brazil nut is actually a fruit not a nut. much to everyones suprise

What is the smallest nut in a shell?

The cashew is the smallest nut. In a nut shell it is the smallest nut. Im a doctor.

What do you call the nut that is used to keep another nut from un-threading?

A nut that is used to secure another nut is called a jam nut.

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