What is ciculation?

Updated: 9/26/2023
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Q: What is ciculation?
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What organ that secretes the waste of ciculation of blood?

The kidneys.

Is Mandingo dead?

no he isn't . some people say he died from improper blood ciculation but it is not true

Why does your foot go to sleep?

well derrr your prbaly siting on it and the blodd ciculation has something to do with it i hate a.s

Why do your legs go thumb when kayaking?

its because your kegs are tight against the hip and knee pads so you lose blood ciculation

Does cholesterol block blood ciculation?

Cholesterol can play an important part in the material that causes the blocking of blood vessels leading to thrombosis stroke and heart attack.

What is advantage of double circulation?

advantage of double circulation is that impure & pure blood means de-oxygenated blood & oxygenated blood do not mix together during ciculation.

No ciculation in cooling system and engine overheating what is going on Water does not appear to be circulating and reservoir never warms up. Coolant always cool. Engine overheating.?

Failed thermostat.

Are there any careers in mud testing in the oil field?

Drilling mud is like blood of the drilling well without their ciculation drillling isn't possible, then u can imagin how much important its?

What is a sudden violent gust of wind?

A gustnado is a cyclonic ciculation that could cause severe thunderstorms.

What is the best selling book in history and who is the author?

The Best selling Book in History is the Holy Bible with 3 billion to 6 billion copys in ciculation today, not counting the billions throght history. The next best selling Book is Quotations from Chairman Mao Zedong, with 2 billion to 5 billion copys. Followed by the Xinhua Dictionary with 400 million copys.

What blood is found in the efferent arteriole?

Here efferent arteriole word is used indicating 'portal' ciculation. It is should be diagonally apposite to afferent arteiole. With most of the 'fluid' filtered through glomeruli. Numbering about 1 million in each kidny. ( kidney filters about 180 liters/ day of fluid filtered through glomeruli and reabsorb more than 180 liters of it. )

What is the advantage of a double circulation system?

mammals have double circulation which means that during one circulation blood passes twice through the heart. It is necessary because double circulation is important in humans because it keeps oxygenated and deoxygenated blood separate and moreover it circulate blood to organs efficiently.