What is clerical work?

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writing jobs

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Q: What is clerical work?
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How can you find clerical work to do from home?

To find clerical work to do from home, you can go to the website of SimplyHire. Clerical work at home vacancies include operations accounting clerk, online admin clerk, data entry. Rate is about $25 an hour.

What is the pay scale for clerical work?

The average starting pay for clerical support work is around $23,000 a year. The pay for clerical support is 59 percent lower than all national jobs combined.

What does clerical work pay usually?

In the UK, around å£7 - å£9 per hour for basic clerical work, depending on seniority. Specific roles and specialist clerical work can command closer to å£15 - å£20 per hour.

What is the work of a clerical staff in a company?

Keeping files

What does non clerical mean?

Any job that is not pertaining to office work

ITT Tech have clerical training classes?

ITT Tech does not have a specific program for clerical or secretarial work. They do have programs in accounting, paralegal, and human resources.

One who work in an office keep records or performing other general duties?

Other duties traditionally associated with clerical work include: While some are general office clerks, others specialize in one type of clerical work.

What is clerikal?

probably the word "clerical" - of or relating to clerks or office workers or their work.

What does it mean when someone refers to someone as clerical?

Someone who is clerical is seen as someone who enjoys filling out paperwork and other desk work. The term "clerical" is generally used as a job title and is commonly used to replace the old term of "secretary".

What does a unit clerk do?

a unit clerk works for a particular department and does clerical type work.

What sort of work is involved in clerical jobs?

Clerical job duties vary depending upon the business, and may include answering telephones, filing, typing, using personal computers, or light bookkeeping. Clerical jobs include occupations such as clerks, secretaries, and receptionists.

What are some different types of clerical jobs?

A clerical job refers to work within an office setting. Examples would include a receptionist, office assistant, administrative assistant, and executive assistant.

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