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1 million dollars

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Q: What is coach stringer current salary?
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Who did C V Stringer coach in basketball?


NFL assistant coach salary?

Each assistant coach for the NFL has a different salary. Most of the assistant coach's salary begin at $400,000.

Who is the current owner of tupperware?

Sir Howard Stringer

What is the monthly salary of a football coach?

The monthly salary of a football coach will vary between each coach based on his wins and losses, his ability to coach, and much coaching experience he has.

What did coach Vivian Stringer do to her sport that was so significant?

Coached Rutgers women's basketball team and built a dynasty there, as a rare female black head coach.

Who is Sonys ceo?

Sir Howard Stringer became CEO of Sony in March of 2005.

Who is the current coach of the Miami Dolphines?

Coach Tony Sparano is the current head coach.

Is there a minimum salary for a NBA coach?


Who owns sony entertainment company?

Sony Corporation does not have an owner. The current CEO and Chairman is Sir Howard Stringer, and the current President is Dr. Ryoji Chubachi.

What is Syracuse's Basketball Coach Jim Boeheim's annual salary and incentives What is the total value of his current contract?

over 1 million dollars. go orange

How much does a cheerleading beginer coach get paid an hour?

The salary for a beginning cheerleader coach will vary depending on location. The average salary for a cheerleading coach who is just starting out is about $33,000 per year

What is the average salary for a coach?

Bob is your uncle