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Coal is a nonrenewable hard black rock-like substance which is burned to heat houses and produce electricity and was once used to power trains and boats. It is made up of: carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and varying amounts of sulphur.

When the geologists examine the fossil plants in coal, they find the leaves and bark came from plants which no longer exist on earth. They infer that these plants probably grew in moist warm swampy forests roughly 300 million years ago. Over a period of time the plants in these forests died, leaving layers of decaying wood and other plant material. As more and more sediments were deposited the weight of these layers forced out much of the water and gases from the plant material, making it richer in carbon. Thus began the slow change over millions of years from wood to coal.

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Q: What is coal and how was it formed?
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The remains of vegetation of long ago has formed?


What fuel is formed pressures and heat causes reains of swamp plants?

coal. coal is formed.

Where are the first stages of coal formed?

Coals are formed by plants, after millions of years they become coal.

How are diamonds formed in coal?

Diamonds are not formed in coal: each is an allotrope of carbon and are formed by Mother Nature under entirely different circumstances.

Which process is anthracite coal formed from bituminous coal?


Where is coal begin to form from?

Coal is formed from plants, which turned into peat, then lignite, then coal.

How is black and brown coal produced?

Coal is formed by the burial and heating of large quantities of organic matter. Brown coal is a low-grade form of coal, formed by moderate burial and pressure. Black coal is formed by increasing pressure and temperature, removing more of the volatiles and resulting in a more carbon-rich coal.

A metamorphic rock formed from coal?

Anthracite, a variety of coal, is formed from the metamorphosis of bituminous coal through natural processes of heat and pressure deep underground.

What phases does coal go through before it forms a diamond?

A diamond is not formed from coal. Diamond and coal are both allotropes of carbon, and are formed by different processes.

How coal are formed by layer to layer?

what coal is is layers of ancient dead plants so for every layer of dead plants is another layer of coal that is formed

What kind of fossil is found in coal?

Coal was formed from the remains of plants.

Do dinosaurs turn into coal when they die?

No. Coal is formed from plant material.

Is coal a black diamond?

No. coal is coal and diamond is diamond. They are both formed from carbon, but diamond is much harder than coal.

Coal is formed by the compression of?


What is the process of coal is formed?

by wood

What element does coal and diamonds contain?

Both coal and diamonds are formed from carbon.

Is diamond and coal minerals?

Yes. Both diamond and coal are formed from carbon.

How is obsidian and coal rock alike?

Obsidian and coal are both rocks and they are formed by lava

Is coal related to rock?

Coal is a form of rock. It is an organically formed sedimentary rock.

Which Mineral is formed by fossilization of vegetation?


How coal was made?

It was formed by the remains of vegetation.

Metamorphic rock formed from coal?


When most of your limestone and coal formed?


Coal is formed due to the process of?


What rock is formed from biological products?