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What is cobol and c language?


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Common Business Oriented Language/ COBOL is widely used programming language by businesses. While C is a general purpose programming invented by Dennis Ritchie.

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Pascall is a queer language, very pure but often not practical. COBOL is an early language, rather inefficient. C is a good standard language but still much less efficient than C++.

COBOL is a compiled language.-- Purplesteeda

John C. Molluzzo has written: 'C++ for Business Programmers' 'Structured COBOL programming' -- subject(s): COBOL (Computer program language), Structured programming

Yes COBOL is a compiled language.

No, COBOL is a programming language.

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COBOL - COmmon Business Oriented Language

language like C, C++, JAVA ,C#, J#, D, PASCAL, COBOL, FOTRAN, .NET, VB are called programing language. Basic, NASTRAN

No, COBOL is a very old high-level language.

COBOL stands for COmmon Business-Oriented Language.

COBOL is a high level language (high order language in military terminology). It is compiled using a compiler.

Fortran, the original version of which came out in 1954. COBOL came out in 1961, BASIC came out in 1964, C came out in 1971. See the Related Link.

COBOL is a computer programming language that was used in the 1970's and 1980's. It has been replaced by more sophisticated programming lanquages like C and C++. It was mostly a business oriented computer language and could not do games or long mathematical calculations.

Some programming languages:C, C++, C#LispPascal, Turbo PascalJavaCobolFortranProlog


c pascal basic cobol fotran the main thing is BASIC..

COBOL is an acronym for COmmon Business Oriented Language, a high-level programming language designed for business use.

COBOL stands for Common Business Oriented Language. It is the programming language used on computers for the purpose of business.

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The full form of COBOL is COmmon Business-Oriented Language.

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Computer programming language.

Not as part of the formal language, but you can use SQL in various languages, including C++ or Cobol, if you have an appropriate precompiler that allows you to interface with the desired DBMS, be it Oracle, DB2, or whatever. You can also use an interface, such as OCI, if you want. Again, none of these methods are strictly a part of the language.

COBOL (common business-oriented language) is an operating system.

COBOL is an old computer language designed for business applications by IBM. Its name is acronym from COmmon Business Oriented Language.

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