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Both are Male

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First Indian to get man of the match award?

Farooq Engineer

Who was the first Indian criketer to win man of the match award in odi?

Farooq engineer

What is the meaning of the name farooq?

The one who distinguish between right & wrong is the meaning of the name Farooq

Why do you think Omar was called Al farooq?

He was called al Farooq that is the one who distinguishes between truth and false hood

What is farooq Khan's wife's name?

Dr Farooq Khan's Wife name is Dr Rozeena Farooq.

When was Umer Farooq born?

Umer Farooq was born in 1987.

When was Yasmin Farooq born?

Yasmin Farooq was born in 1965.

When was Mohammad Farooq born?

Mohammad Farooq was born in 1938.

When was Farooq Sobhan born?

Farooq Sobhan was born in 1940.

When was Farooq Hospital created?

Farooq Hospital was created in 1985.

When was Farooq Abdullah born?

Farooq Abdullah was born in 1936.

How tall is Nilam Farooq?

Nilam Farooq is 170 cm.

When was Farooq Hamid born?

Farooq Hamid was born in 1945.

When was Farooq Sattar born?

Farooq Sattar was born in 1960.

What has the author Ahmad Farooq written?

Ahmad Farooq has written: 'Demons'

When did Farooq Kaisser die?

Farooq Kaisser died in 1987, in India.

What is Farooq Leghari's birthday?

Farooq Leghari was born on May 29, 1940.

When was Farooq Leghari born?

Farooq Leghari was born on May 29, 1940.

When was Farooq Haider Khan born?

Farooq Haider Khan was born in 1955.

When did Farooq Leghari die?

Farooq Leghari died on 2010-10-20.

How tall is Farooq Ahmad?

Farooq Ahmad is 5' 7 1/2".

When did Imran Farooq die?

Imran Farooq died on 2010-09-16.

When was Imran Farooq born?

Imran Farooq was born on 1960-06-14.

When was Farooq Sheikh born?

Farooq Sheikh was born on 1948-03-25.

When was Ghulam Farooq Wardak born?

Ghulam Farooq Wardak was born in 1959.

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