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What is competitive orientation?

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Competitive orientation a business constant reassesses its strengths and weaknesses relative to its competitors. Performance evaluation may include pricing, production efficiency, delivery times, innovation, employee retention, customer satisfaction, and market share.

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Is it competitive with or competitive to?


Difference between marketing orientation and production orientation with examples?

marketing orientation

What is the comparative and superlative of competitive?

more competitive, most competitive

How can you know what orientation you are?

How can you know what orientation you are?

What is a regioncentric orientation?

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What is a sentence for 'competitive'?

I knew that if i wanted to win i would have to be competitive. I stopped shopping there when I learned that their prices are not competitive.

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What is different between marketing orientation and sale orientation?

Marketing orientation refers to the presentation of products. Sales orientation refers to the sale of products and its target customers.

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how does the orientation towards collectivity?

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non-competitive branches are not so good. If you want more money choose something Non-competitive.

What is competitive exlusion?

its wen u have a competitive exclusion

What is the opposite of the word competitive?

Easy..its Non-Competitive.

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That is the correct spelling of "competitive" (contentious).

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