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What is complete poem spring has sprung by ee Cummings?


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There are many versions of this poem.

Version 1:

Spring is sprung.

The grass is riz.

I wonder where the birdie is?

The bird is on the wing.

Now isn't that absurd?

I always thought the wing was on the bird!

This poem is often attributed to ee cummings or Ogden Nash. However, it is actually by that well known poet 'Anonymous'.

Version 2:

Spring has newly sprung

the hills are full of grass

and along comes a billy-goat

sliding on his overcoat

down the summer pass.

This version was written by Ogden Nash.

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The phrase "Spring has sprung" comes from a poem that was written by Ogden Nash.

Spring has newly sprungthe hills are full of grassand along comes a billy-goatsliding on his overcoastdown the summer passThis may be an Ogden Nash poem, but it is not the one requested. That one is called "The Passionate Pagan and the Dispassionate Public -- a Tragedy of the Machine Age. It starts this way, but I cannot find the remaining verses:(The Passionate Pagan):Spring is Sprung, the grass is riz.I Wonder where the boidies is?(The Dispassionate Public):Spring is what wintaAlways gozinta.... This much has been in my memory for about 60 years. I'm searching for the rest of it.Spring is sprung,the grass is riz,I wonder where the boidies is.They say the boid is on the wing.But that's absoid.The wing is on the boid.

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In the poem anyone lived in a pretty how town, E.E. Cummings indicates the passage of time by repeating the seasons.

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its a poem go get some popcorn and buy a pig =] gosh dont be so mean

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