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In general educational terms, "computer-based training" is an educational program that makes use of computers as the primary learning tool for the students involved. In such programs (or, courses), students will mainly be working on (or, through) computers in order to accomplish the educational goals of the training underway.

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What is the difference between a tool and software?

The key difference is that software is part of a computer system/gaming system/any system whereas tool, (computerbased) require software to operate but are more of a user opened application

What is inclusive of the execution of training?

Preparation of training, conduct of training, and recovery from training.

What are synonyms of training and placement?

another word for training can be discipline or training another word for training can be discipline or training

What does post-training mean?

Post-training means After training. Pre-training means Before training

Methods of training?

1. Qrientation training2. Refresher training3. Bestitude training4. Job insteuction training5. Apprenticeship training6. Safety training

Can you list down and explain different types of training?

* Preparatory Training * Basic Training * Advance Training * Self Training

Is it training affect of training effect?

it is training effect. :)

How do you get training points for you your dragon?

By training it at the training grounds.

What are some training programs in safety and health?

Some of the available training: Behavior-Based Safety Training Bloodborne Pathogen Training Chemical Safety Training Confined Spaces Training Construction Training Driver Training Energy Efficiency Training Electrical Safety Training Environmental Training Ergonomics / Back Safety Training Fall Protection Training Fire / Emergency Training First Aid Training Forklift / Crane Training General Compliance Training Hazard Communication Training Hazardous Materials Training HAZWOPER Training Homeland Security Training Lockout-Tagout Safety Training Maritime Safety Training People-Based Safety Instructor Package Personal Protective Equipment Training Process Safety Training Respiratory Protection Training Safety Attitudes Training Substance Abuse Training Supervisor Training TAKE TWO for Safety Training Tool Safety Training

Is the Fitlight System portable?

Yes, with the system being light weight, you are able to carry it where you need to be. agility training equipment athletic training equipment athletic training products cognitive training system performance monitoring system sports training equipment sports vision training strength training products training equipment training system vision training agility training equipment athletic training products cognitive training system performance monitoring system sports vision training training equipment

What are the main staff training methods?

on job training, off job training, classroom training

What is the operating life of the Fitlight before recharging is required?

The batteries have a minimum 4 hour operating life before they are required to be recharged. light training reaction lights reaction training tool reaction training reflex training tool reaction training reflex training tool training products for athletes training products for athletes speed training system advanced sports training equipment speed training products speed training system sports training systems sports training systems advanced sports training equipment

What are the different types of employee training?

Types of employee training: on-the-job training off-the-job training

What information does OSHA safety training include?

OSHA safety training will be different in different workplaces, because each workplace has its own set of hazards and hazardous materials in use. The basic safety training in the workplace will:identify the hazardous materials in useexplain the hazards of materials in useexplain how to protect yourself from them,explain what to do in case of a spill or other unexpected releaseIdentify potentially hazardous procedures and machineryexplain how to use them safelyBeyond that there are a variety of specialized training programs available for specialized hazards. Sometimes they are required by OSHA and sometimes they are nor required but a helpful to both the employer and employee. They include:Behavior-Based Safety TrainingBloodborne Pathogen TrainingChemical Safety TrainingConfined Spaces TrainingConstruction TrainingDriver TrainingEnergy Efficiency TrainingElectrical Safety TrainingEnvironmental TrainingErgonomics / Back Safety TrainingFall Protection TrainingFire / Emergency TrainingFirst Aid TrainingForklift / Crane TrainingGeneral Compliance TrainingHazard Communication TrainingHazardous Materials TrainingHAZWOPER TrainingHomeland Security TrainingLockout-Tagout Safety TrainingMaritime Safety TrainingPeople-Based Safety Instructor PackagePersonal Protective Equipment TrainingProcess Safety TrainingRespiratory Protection TrainingSafety Attitudes TrainingSubstance Abuse TrainingSupervisor TrainingTAKE TWO for Safety TrainingTool Safety Training

What has the author Leslie Rae written?

Leslie Rae has written: 'Techniques of training' -- subject(s): Employees, Employees, Training of, Training manuals, Training of, Training of Employees 'Let's have a meeting' -- subject(s): Business meetings, Handbooks, manuals 'Evaluating trainer effectiveness' -- subject(s): Employees, Evaluation, Employee training personnel, Training of, Rating of 'Using People Skills in Training and Development' 'Trainer assessment' -- subject(s): Employees, Evaluation, Employee training personnel, Training of, Rating of 'Guide to In-company Training Methods' 'The skills of human relations training' -- subject(s): Group relations training 'How to measure training effectiveness' 'Evaluation Approaches for Training and Development' 'Assessing trainer effectiveness' -- subject(s): Employees, Evaluation, Employee training personnel, Training of, Rating of 'Using Evaluation in Training and Development' 'Techniques of Training'

Do nobles have training?

Training in what?

How do you recover from over-training?

Takesome time off from training.

What is the difference between up-training and re-training?

Up training means you are currently training a new set of exercises but re training means that you have trained the different exercises and just repeating it.

Where can I find good emt training?

I think hospital training is the best field where you can take that training. Just join any hospital and get the training of emergency medical training.

What are the differences between on the job training and off the job training?

what are the differences beween on the job training and off the job training

What is cardiovascular training?

Cardiovascular training is a training to help get your heart healthy as possible.

What kind of training did Samuel receive from Hannah?

Karate Training, and bowstaff training!

Which type of training is not mandatory Intelligence Oversight training?

Post-deployment training

What component of fitness does Circuit training work on?

resistance training or weight training,

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