What is concrete sealer used for?

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I've heard of concrete sealer but don't know exactly what it is. What is it used for?

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Q: What is concrete sealer used for?
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Concrete Sealer?

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Will concrete sealer work on asphalt?

My driveway has a ton of cracks in it, and I bought some concrete sealer, but my driveway is asphalt! Will the concrete sealer still work with asphalt?

What are the best concrete sealers?

As of 2014 there are many top rated concrete sealers on the market. Some of the best include Eagle concrete sealer, Armor SX5000 concrete sealer, and Thoro T1956 concrete sealer.

What exactly is concrete sealer?

What exactly is concrete sealer? What does it consist of and is it safe to use at home, indoors?

How do you seal concrete counter top?

Bare concrete is porous and vulnerable to chemical attack and stains. Hence a sealer is used to seal the concrete counter top. The sealer should be applied to the concrete in multiple thin coats versus rather than a thick heavy coat. For additional protection food-safe finishing wax can also be used over the sealer.

How do you dustproof concrete blockwork?

To dustproof concrete blockwork, you will need to apply a sealer. Polyurethane is a popular sealer for this purpose.

What sealer can be applied to a concrete driveway to protect it from winter salts?

You can apply Trojan Masonry & Concrete Sealer which is a water based polyester sealer that penetrates and hardens the concrete. As it is not a topical sealer like acrylics or silicones, you won't get hot tire pick up or a glossy, slippery finish that easily wears away.

Should you put a sealer on concrete flooring?

Yes, so that the concrete doesn't break or split.

How long after pouring concrete do you apply sealer?

Depending on what kind of sealer you use, the concrete should be completely dry and firm enough to walk on. However, I know of at least one concrete sealer (Concrete Treat) that can be applied immediately after the concrete has been placed -- with no wait at all for curing. Check out the products as you go and see what might work best for you. See the attached link.

Can you put a stain over a sealer on the concrete?

Generally not. Most stains need to absorb into the concrete. If it just sits on the surface of the sealer, the stain will likely easily wear away.

Where could one purchase a concrete sealer?

A concrete sealer can be purchased online from good hardware stores and also from a high street hardware store. They are easy to use so long as the instructions are followed.

Can muriatic acid remove concrete sealant?

Concrete sealer is designed to withstand chemical attacks. Muriatic acid, even at a 30% plus solution is considered a mild attack to sealers. The best way to remove sealer is a citrus degreaser. It is environmentally friendly and has a better fragrance. Solvents such as Xylene, Toluene, and MEK can be used also, but they can be very messy because the sealer will soften and then try to re-dry. Degreaser will actually dissolve the sealer.

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