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Hardware is a component of a computer that you can touch like your hard drive, mouse and screen. Software are the programs on your computer. Software runs on hardware. Software is interfaced with hardware.

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What are the factors to consider in selecting computer hardwares?

Factors to consider when buying a computer hardware

Can a computer run without hardware give the answer in short?

The computer is the hardware. Without the hardware there is no computer.

What are the advantages of computer hardware?

The Advantages of computer hardware is if your computer using hardware is more faster than the others

Why is Computer hardware not computer architecture?

Computer hardware is the components that make up a computer. Computer architecture is the model used to combine the Hardware into a working unit.

Is computer moniter a software or hardware?

A computer monitor is hardware.

Is a standard modem computer hardware?

It is computer related hardware.

How is computer software different from computer hardware?

Computer hardware is the physical computer part, accessory or component. Hardware refers to a thing. Software is the program that runs on the hardware. It is the code that tells the hardware what to do,not a physical thing you can touch.

Is the monitor hardware or software?

A computer monitor is hardware. It only provides for display.

What to consider when buying computer hardware?

consider the speed of the computer like the processor speed and benchmark can also mean how much RAM and hard disk transfer rate, and how many expansion slots and USB slots

What do we mean by hardware computer?

Computer hardware is the physical parts of the computer. This is in contrast to software, which is the non physical programs that the hardware runs.

What is the relationship of computer software and computer hardware?

The computer software tells the hardware what to do. Without the hardware, the software would not exist. Without the software, the hardware would be useless.

What are the hardware error of computer?

10 computer hardware errors and troubleshooting

What is hardware computer?

hardware is any part in the computer, such as the CD drive.

Why is hardware needed in a computer?

Hardware is the computer.

Who controls the computer hardware?

The one that controls the computer hardware are the softwares installed in the computer, as well as the installed drivers of a particular hardware such as the monitor.

What is the meaning of cards in computer hardware?

In computer hardware, "cards" usually refers to the different silicon boards that make up the hardware of a computer.

What is hardware and its type of hardware?

Hardware is any part of the computer you can touch it's type of hardware is i dont know

What is computer hardware maintenance personnel?

· What can happen if your hardware and computer cables are not maintenance?

Where can you discuss computer hardware?

You can discuss computer hardware on the major discussion forums.

How can learn computer hardware?

How i can learn computer hardware & software , at home sitting .

Can you turn computer software into hardware?

NO. Computer hardware is a completely different part of the computer system from the Software. Software is not a physical Item like hardware.

What are computer hardware components?

Computer hardware component are physical parts of the computer system that can be feel and touch.

What is the function of the hardware in a computer?

It is the part you scream and kick at. The hardware is the physical computer. Without it, there would be computer.

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