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What is considered a home run?

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A hit that allows the batter to make a complete circuit of the diamond and score a run, either hit over the fence, or and inside the park home run, which is when the ball is hit and allows the batter to score a run without the ball even leaving the park

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In baseball if someone in the crowd catches the ball after hitting a home run are you out?

No, it is considered a home run.

Is a home run considered a hit in baseball?


What is home run in softball?

The home run in softball is the same as in baseball. When the batter hits the ball over the outfield fence in fair territory it is a home run. It is also considered a home run if the batter hits the ball inside the fence and is able to run all the bases and back to home plate before being thrown out.

Are you still considered a runaway if you are 17 and have a child?

In most states, if you are 17 and leave home you aren't considered a run away.

What might be considered an irrational reaction after a baseball player hits a home run?


Can a nursing home be a public property?

If it's government run, then it can be considered public property.

How far is a major league home run?

In baseball, if a ball is hit to the point that the batter can run around all bases and get back to home plate without being interfered with the other team it is considered a home run. A home run is typically hit over the outfield fence, and the fence should be at least 250 feet away from home base.

If a baseball hits the top of the outfield wall and goes over is it considered a home run?


When will a home run not count on a pitchers era?

If the inning should have been over, but was prolonged by a fielding error, any subsequent run that scores is considered unearned. Thus, even a home run does not impact on a pitcher's ERA in this instance

Is a home run an rbi?

Yes. Any time your at bat and a run scores without an error, wildpitch, or hitting into a double play it is considered and RBI.

If a ball hits the yellow line at the top of the fence in the outfield is it considered a home run?

When a ball hits this yellow line, it is considered a home run in major league baseball. Most ballparks have this yellow line that helps umpires judge if a ball went over the wall.

Why is a home run called a home run?

because you run around back to home.

What is considered a good time for running from home plate to second base in high school baseball?

During a run down

Is a home run ball that lands foul a home run?


What age is considered run away in Nevada?

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Where did the term home run come from?

A batter runs to home after hitting a home run.

Why are MLB players not allowed to have metal bats?

because they would just hit home run after home run after home run

Does the batter earn a RBI if he hits a home run with nobody on base?

Yes, he is considered to have batted himself in, therefore, an RBI is awarded.

How many syllables are in home run?

There are two syllables. Home-run.

What exactly is a walk-off home run?

A walk-off home run is a home run that ends the game. It must be the run that gives the home team the lead in the final inning of the game.

Has a Major League Baseball team ever hit a one run home run a two run home run a three run home run and a grand slam in the same game?

No, but many people were close.

Did Babe Ruth call his home run?

yes i think so i have read a story about him and that home run he hit was a called home run

What is a three run home run?

That is when a player hits a home run with two men on base. The batter and the two players on base will all score. The batter will then be credited with a three run home run.

Does a home run given up after 5 consecutive errors count as an earned run?

only one earned run and that's the home run, the other runs arent his fault but the home run is.

What happens if a hitter hits a home run but steps on home plate?

That is what you are supposed to do- step on home plate to get the credit for the home run. You have to touch all of the bases aftet you hit the home run.