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Constructive feedback is letting people know in a helpful way how they are doing, and how their performance is being perceived. Constructive feedback can be positive (letting someone know they're doing well), negative (letting people know about ways in which they could do better), or neutral (just an objective observation or analysis).

There are two main elements that make feedback (particularly negative feedback) constructive.
1. The content of the feedback: Constructive feedback is specific, behavior or issue-focused (rather than a value judgment about the individual), based on what is observable (rather than assuming anything about the person's attitude or motivation), and includes some specific direction on how to make improvements if some are needed.
2. Most important, how the feedback is delivered. To be constructive, feedback should not be delivered in a manner that provokes resentment, resistance, defensiveness, hurt feelings, shame or a sense of failure. It means not backing the person into a corner with attacks. Honest doesn't mean tactless. This is where emotional intelligence really makes a difference.
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How do you accept constructive feedback?

Listen to what the grader is saying. Look at what is beingsuggested and try to make changes based on the feedback given. Thefeedback is given so that you can better yourself.

What is a feedback mechanism?

its a cycle of events in which information from one step controls or affects a previous step

What is negative feedback?

Negative feedback is a system by which internal conditions are kept within set limits. For example your home thermostat has a thermometer which detects when the temperature of your home drops below room temperature which triggers a response, the heating is turned on. When your home is brought back t ( Full Answer )

Example of feedback?

This question refers to the communication between a network andnetworked devices. Feedback between a computer and the networkoccurs through 'pings,' when each acknowledge each otherintermittently.

What is construction?

Construction is the building of almost anything. It is the processof creating and building infrastructure or a facility.

What is descriptive feedback?

In education descriptive feedback is the results that occur whenfocusing on the need to provide information to a student with theoutlook of improving what topics or situations are being addressed.This type of feedback allows a student to then adjust and revisetheir way of thinking. This is an inform ( Full Answer )

What is the definition of feedback?

feed·back/ˈfēdˌbak/ . Noun:. Information about reactions to a product, a person's performance of a task, etc., used as a basis for improvement. . The modification or control of a process or system by its results or effects, e.g., in a biochemical pathway or behavioral response. . ( Full Answer )

What does constructive?

Someone who is constructive makes new things or old things better. No just physical, but ideas also.

What does feedback do to help?

Feedback is sort of a list of reviews that you could have had with that person or thing. They include opinions, experiences and such. This is mostly for e-commerce and ebay.

Why it is important to give and receive constructive feedback?

It is important to give and receive constructive feedback this is because it will help the organisation be the best it can be. Receiving constructive feedback will help me to learn how to do things better and more efficiently which will help me do the job i do properly, also giving constructive fee ( Full Answer )

What is postive feedback?

when a change happens, positive feedback is a response to that change that encourages the change further, instead of trying to inhibit the change like negative feedback.

Why do you use feedback?

The voltage gain,input impedance,output impedance,bandwidth etc. are the characteristics of amplifier's. these are more or less constant for a given amplifier. These parameters are required to be controlled. This can be done by using feedback that's why we use feedback.

What is emotional feedback?

Emotional feedback is your response to something someone said. Person1: "I just won a million dollars!" Person2: "Wow! That's great!"

What is feedback?

Feedback applies to several forms of circular cyclic activity. Business Feedback : The communications from customers giving reviews, criticism, or suggestions on a product or service. Companies use feedback to improve later forms of their products. Acoustic Feedback : Occurs when output sound ( Full Answer )

What is negtive feedback?

When sombody reports his dissatisfaction about anything related to any service to its service provider.

What is nagative feedback?

Negative feedback is a form of criticism. An example of negativefeedback would be a food critic writing about how terrible the foodor service was at a restaurant he tried.

What is biological feedback?

There are two kinds: one that turns off a reaction and one that adds to it. Negative feedback will stop a reaction when it is complete and will not allow it to continue to run. Most of our body systems work in this manner. It is some like filling a washing machine. It will turn off when full and b ( Full Answer )

How does feedback work?

Feedback starts when a microphone is too close to a speaker and the audio from the speaker gets into the microphone and the sound goes out through the speaker again. Example: When you are speaking to someone on Xbox Live, you say something and here it being repeated, that is feedback, this means som ( Full Answer )

What is immediate feedback?

immediate feedback occurs when the reactions of the receiver are directly perceived by the source .

What is an example of feedback?

telling a coworker he or she is doing something wrong An example of positive feedback on something like Ebay would be: "Item delivered quickly and not damaged." Negative feedback: "Item in tatters when it arrived. Took three weeks to get here." Feedback is just a response to something so ( Full Answer )

What is catalytic feedback?

Catalytic feedback includes reviews of catalytic converters. Acatalytic converter is fitted to your car's exhaust to reduce theharmful pollution coming from it.

What is distorted feedback?

Feedback is the response from the audience to the source. When thefeedback is distorted, it is not an accurate response.

What is Postitive Feedback?

Positive feedback is that the receiver give us polite and good feedback regarding the product and services after it usage.

Why feedback circuit is called feedback?

It is called feedback because it is regulated by its own product. In other words, the product of the reaction gives a feedback which either inhibits the reaction (negative feedback) or activates it even more (positive feedback).

Examples of constructive feedback?

I have a few thoughts about how we could make your ideas better. . Rather than climbing on the roof to get the cat, can I tell you how I'd catch her?.

How to diagnose microphone feedback feedback?

Microphone feedback is caused by the feeding the same signal back to the microphone, usually through a monitor speaker in a live concert situation. Because most microphones are not linear in frequency response, the feedback is usually being exaggerated and is heard as either a slow low sound or a re ( Full Answer )

What is an example of constructive feedback?

If your boss told you that you are a lazy person, that is not constructive feedback. Its negative feedback. If they however told you that you need to put more effort into your work by, say, come to work earlier, that would be constructive feedback.

Which is an example of constructive feedback?

Constructive feedback is pointing out flaws in someone's strategy, skills, or work with the goal of helping them improve, as opposed to pointing out their flaws only to embarass or anger them. For example, constructive feedback would be giving someone specific advice on how to improve their writing, ( Full Answer )

Explain the importance ofv constructive feedback in the coaching relationship?

Constructive feedback can be an effective tool when coaching other people in order to praise their strengths and develop the areas where they need to improve. It is required that the coach has the courage to communicate the feed back with to coachee. One way of giving feedback is to focus on the per ( Full Answer )

What are negative feedback and positive feedback?

Negative feedback is a means to keep amplifiers and systems in a linear region, Positive feedback is a means to force a circuit to become unstable. usually oscillators have either positive phase or level feedback to make them unstable to oscillate.

Why do you feedback?

A: Follow this the amplifier has infinite gain. So any input will slew it to either power supply buss as saturated. Now take this saturated signal and feed it back to the input since the feedback is negative in nature to the input it will force the output to reverts to the other buss voltage. But th ( Full Answer )

What is voice feedback?

Voice feedback occurs when the microphone picks up sound from the speakers and 're-transmits' it - forming a feedback loop which is heard as a high-pitched 'squeal'

What is objective feedback?

To improve the the customer service. To provide better service according to the needs and requirements of the customer.

What is negative feedback and what is positive feedback?

Negative feed back, is where some of the output is fed back to the input, in reverse phase. This limits the output, to protect the circuit and improve stability and fidelity. Positive feedback is when some of the output signal is fed back to the input in phase. This generally causes the circuit t ( Full Answer )

What is a feedback resistance?

Feedback resistance is as simple as it sounds. Feedback is someone other than our self looking at something we did and tell us their opinion. When we are resistant to their suggestions we are show feedback resistance.

Where is the crocs feedback?

I really enjoy my Crocs, I wear them to work I am on my feet all day long, before I had some other shoes and I felt pain on the bottom of my feet, now at the end of the day I do not feel that on the bottom of my feet, never wear them without socks they feel very comfortable with socks. Very happy cu ( Full Answer )

Which action is an example of constructive feedback?

a. Providing as many details as you can remember, and providing positive feedback on a regular basis.. b. Providing detailed written information about a specific event and the reason for the feedback.. c. Providing feedback as soon as you see negative attitudes .

What is haptic feedback?

Haptic feedback is when a computer outputs data into tactilesensations. The applications are almost endless. Video games are avery common area for haptic technology. A number of gamecontrollers incorporate vibration to add to the sense of realism.While most cell phones have a vibrate feature to repl ( Full Answer )

What is corrective feedback?

Corrective feedback is information provided to an individual or group about how her or its behavior, actions, style, strategies, etc. are perceived by and affecting others. It is meant to lead to positive change, and, in the case of community advocacy, to more effective advocacy or public policy.

What does feedback do?

The purpose of negative feedback in electronic amplifier circuitsis to make the performance of the circuit depend as far as possibleon well defined passive components like resistors and fixedcapacitors, and not on the active devices which have a less welldefined performance.

Can feedback be disadvantage?

Feedback gives you an idea of communities expectation of your work.It tells you where you are, where you should be and perhaps whatyou should do to reach your objective. With all that said, I dontsee how it is not an advantage

What is a feedback loop-?

Feedback Loop is the by which some of the output of a circuit,system, or device is returned to the input.

What is feedback and when is it used?

If you buy an item from a company, they may ask you to give youropinion on the item. This is an example of a feedback.