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Evidence that existed or occured within the selected time frame you're looking at.

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The writings of contemporary historians.

Through archaeology, artefacts and through contemporary documents

Yes, it can be used to find contemporary evidence and it can help to find out who was at the scene of the crime when it took place.

In the contemporary justice process the defendant is innocent until proven guilty. A trial takes place in front of a jury of peers and a conviction is made based on presented evidence.

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Contemporary means modern, so contemporary theatre is just modern theatre as opposed to classic theatre.Contemporary theatre can be a whole range of things.

The word contemporary is both a noun and an adjective; for example:Noun: Your teacher is a contemporary of mine, we went to school together.Adjective: I like contemporary music.

The cast of Schleyer - Eine deutsche Geschichte - 2003 includes: Kurt Biedenkopf as Contemporary witness Kai Hermann as Contemporary witness Hanns Martin Schleyer as himself Edzard Reuter as Contemporary witness Waltrude Schleyer as Contemporary witness Arnd Schleyer as Contemporary witness Joerg Schleyer as Contemporary witness Franz Steinkuehler as Contemporary witness Eberhard von Brauchitsch as Contemporary witness Christof Wackernagel as Contemporary witness Stefan Wisniewski as Contemporary witness Hans Wolfgang Hirschbrunn as Contemporary witness

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Since Odysseus met him, Odysseus was a contemporary.

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Contemporary Party was created in 2009.

Contemporary Records was created in 1951.

Contemporary Wales was created in 1987.

UK Contemporary Furniture, Blue Suntree and Made In Design have a lot of contemporary furniture for sale. IKEA also has contemporary furniture and lighting options.

Contemporary furniture can be described by the words "current" and "modern." In this insane, contemporary would refer to "contemporary trends in design."Contemporary furniture could further be classified as urban and innovative in regards to current furniture trends. Check out the link below for some great examples of contemporary furniture.

Contemporary means modern. So a contemporary menu, is basically a menu when all of the dishes are new, modern or with the season.