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Gives you a more correct method of predicting which is the right one.

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Q: What is control group give its importance in an experiment?
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Why do you need a control group and a experimental group?

A control group is not provided any treatment, while the experimental group is the one to which a treatment is applied. The control and experimental groups are chosen to be as similar as possible, so that the observed effect (if any) can be attributed to the variable: what only the experimental group consumes, uses, or participates in.

Why is a control group needed in any experiment?

A control group creates a 'yard-stick' to measure any changes in the experiment. For example, suppose you're testing a new diet pill on 100 people - you'd only give the pill to half the group, leaving the other half as a 'control' to see if the diet pill actually works.

What does control as an experiment means?

A control sample or control group is used to compare with the experimental group or sample. The control sample ideally, should be exactly the same as the experimental sample except that you don't give your experimental treatment to the control sample. Afterwards you compare the 2 samples to see if your experimental treatment had any kind of effect. The control is like a reference point.

What is a experimental group?

In a scientific experiment it is common to split your sample into (at least) two groups. Say you were to study the effect of a new drug on a specific condition, you would have a sample (a group of people with the condition in question e.g. breast cancer), and you would treat all members of the sample the same, with the exception that one group is give the actual drug, and the other group is given a "fake" pill. This fake pill is also called a placebo. The group that is given the real drug is called the experimental group, and the group that is give the placebo is called the control group. This setup attempts to ensure that any effect that is observed is caused by the drug (the experimental condition).

Explain the relationship between a placebo and a control group?

Let's say a medical lab is doing en experiment. They would take a control group and give a certain % of people the placebo and the rest a real drug and compare the affects it had on the patients. One argument is if people "believe" they are taking the real drug it can actually affect them physically.

What is the importance of measuring accurately?

becuz that way u get an accurate result at the end of the experiment and any calculations done would give you the right answer.

What does control mean in scientific terms?

A control is anything that stays the same during the experiment. For example say you were testing the affects of different liquids on plants; some controls would be the temperature you keep the plants, the amount of light you give them, etc.

Can you have a sentence with the word control group in it?

Sure. "After all the subjects in the control group take the normal pill we'll give the test group subjects the placebo without telling them.

What is the difference between a control groups and experimental groups?

The control is a group that is held constant and is not experimented with, The experimental group is the group that is experimented with

What does control means in a scientific method?

Usually, there are two groups, a control group and an experimental group. For example, if you were showing how plants grow with fertilizer versus manure, the control group would be the fertilizer or the manure, depending on which you usually use. The experimental group would be the new substance, because you are experimenting on that. The control is what you give to the control group, if I am not mistaken. It is what you are not changing.

What is the difference between a control and a constant?

A control is a duplicate setup of the experiment you are performing with everything identical except for the variable that you are testing. Or, it is how the experiment would happen naturally, without you doing anything. For example, if you are testing the effects of a certain medication on humans, you give half of the subjects the medication and the other half a placebo, which is a sugar pill that has no effect. The latter group is the "control group". Their purpose is to remove the psychological effect of taking the medication from the results of the experiment, so that the only variable remaining is the actual effects of the medication. Constants are things that are kept the same for all trials, like making sure that every subject is taking a pill (and that they believe it is the medication in question, ever if it is only a placebo)

Can you give me a sentence for experiment?

Our classroom is working on a experiment