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if I asked you a question you're meant to answer it not challenge me :(

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What are the types of controllers?

P(Proportional )-controller I(Integral)-controller D(Derivative)-controller PI-controller PD-controller PID-controller Industrial controller ON-OFF controller

Is a turbo controller better than a mod controller?

modded controller

Is controller an adjective?

No, controller is a noun.

What controller do you need to play super Mario 64 wii?

You need a gamecube controller, classic controller, or a N64 controller with an adapter.

What to do if PS3 controller does not connect?

Even if the battery is low connecting the USB controller cable should allow the controller to connect when you press the PS3 emblem on the controller. Without another controller you can not tell if the PS3 or controller is the problem and does not work

How do you add a controller on Xbox 360?

You can sync your controller into your xbox 360.To do that there are certain buttons on the controller and the xbox 360 you push to sync the controller.

How do you connect an xbox 360 controller to a windows xp PC if you only have a wireless controller and controller charger?

The simple answer is you cannot connect a wireless controller to a PC with just the recharge kit, you will need to buy a wireless controller dongle, or a wired controller if you wish to use an Xbox 360 controller on you PC.

Is dma controller is processor or controller?


What is a PC controller?

a PC controller is a mouse

Is microprocessor is a micro-controller?

no. opposite

How many batteries does a ps2 wireless controller need?

depends on the controller my controller needs 4xAAA

Is the Wii classic controller like the ps2 controller?

no its more like the Nintendo gamecube controller

What is the difference between additional domain controller and backup domain controller?

i think additional domain controller and backup domain controller both are same

How do you connect a PS3 move controller?

To connect any controller to a PS3 first plug in a USB cable to the controller. Connect this cable to the PS3 you want to connect the controller to. Press the PS button and the controller will connect.

Is GoldenEye Reloaded PS3 playable only using a move and dual shock controller or is the move navigational controller required?

You can simply use half of the dual shock controller for the navigational controller whenever a game requires a navigational controller along with the move Controller. For the game Goldeneye 007: Reloaded you can also just use the dual shock 3 controller by itself or with a move controller and either a navigational controller or also half the dual shock 3 being used for the navigational controller

Can you play Naruto clash of ninja revolution on the GameCube?

no but you can use a gamecube controller no but you can use a gamecube controller no but you can use a gamecube controller no but you can use a gamecube controller

Ps2 controller says no controller in port?

No controller in port mean your controller is either defective, or broken. You will require to replace the device in order to solve this problem.

What is a GameCube controller?

A Gamecube Controller is the standard controller for the Nintendo Gamecube console. The controller allows players to play the video games made for the Nintendo Gamecube.

How long does it take for a wireless 360 controller to be programmed?

It only takes a couple minutes to program a wireless controller. Simply add the batteries to the controller, turn on console and controller, press the small button on console front and and small button on controller located close to the LB button on the controller and that should be it, you've programmed your controller.

How do you use a ps1 controller on the ps2?

The PS2 controller is better when would you want to play with a controller that was not as good

Do you need a ps3 move controller to play tron?

No, Just a Ps3 Controller. You can have a Move controller though.

Can you play super mario galaxy with a GameCube controller?

No, the gamcube controller does not have the same features of the wii controller.

What is an hda controller?

High Definition Audio Controller

How to modded a controller?

You can't modded a controller, sorry.

What type of micro controller is AT89S52?

Its an I\O controller