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Conventional financing is any loan made by a lender that is not government guaranteed....such as a FHA or VA loan.

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Q: What is conventional financing?
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What differentiate between conventional and Islamic financing?

conventional is changement in socity which is brought by people buy Islamic financing is a facism base.which depend on only cast.

What is the difference between interest only financing and conventional financing?

The difference between interest only financing and conventional financing is that you are able to make money without any investment on an interest only account only by depositing a maximum amount in an account which you leave for a set period of time where interest will accumulate. Conventional banking is used for more day to day banking purposes.

What is alternative financing?

Alternative financing is financing that has a higher interest rate and is not considered conventional or first tier. It is procured from lenders that charge fees and higher interest rates.

What are the advantages of owner financing?

There are a number of advantages to owner financing. The biggest would be if the person attempting to purchase the home you are selling is not able to obtain conventional financing for any reason.

What are the benefits of using owner financing?

Owner financing is a great option for buyers who cannot get a conventional mortgage for one reason or another. Either they do not have a steady income history or they have no job.

What are the difference between interest free and conventional banking system?

difference between interest and interest free financing

3 types of real estate financing?

As far as what types of residential real estate financing that are available, there are several types of mortgage loans that one can obtain. The most common loans are FHA, VA, and Conventional loans.

What does owner will carry real estate?

owner will provide 'seller financing" a purchase money mortgage. it could be either a 1st or 2nd mortgage. Seller is willing to provide some of the financing or all of it so conventional financing(banks) are not needed. You sign a promissory note with the seller an IOU a promise to pay.

how is wikileaks funded?

Financing. WikiLeaks is a self-described not-for-profit organisation, funded largely by volunteers, and is dependent on public donations. Its main financing methods include conventional bank transfers and online payment systems. According to Assange, WikiLeaks' lawyers often work pro bono.

What is a Government-Backed Financing?

Government backed financing is financing that has the promise of the government standing behind it. It is different from private investor financing or bank backed financing.

Cost and benefits of debt financing and equity financing?

benefit of debt and equity financing

What are the two basic types of financing used by a corporation?

They are equity financing and debt financing.

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