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What is converse mission statement?


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March 09, 2015 11:52AM


Our sales over the past 26 years have been mostly to individual customers. Some orders have been to teams, bands, numerous weddings, colleges, navy seals, high schools, clowns, inmates and various organizations. All with the same goal WEAR A SHOE THAT MAKES A STATEMENT.

Remember when service to a customer actually mattered? It matters here! We want to treat our customers like we treat our own parent's and that is with respect. Our MISSION is to deliver personal service to our customers knowing that soon we will become friends. Our hope is that we provide the same shoes that our owner's father wore for cross country in 1965, and his grandfather wore to play stickball in the streets of Philadelphia in the 30's.

Use the web, or call us for a real person's voice. Our people know Converse and have worked with the product for over 26 years. Our success relies on you the individual customer, and how you feel when you enter our store, make a purchase, or ask a question.

We'll be right with you.

Brian, Gary, Gerald, Whitney, Lyndal, Wally, Lenny, Ryan, Tony, Bea, Ted, Tom, Tim and Buttons