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im pretty sure you dont want to know the answer to this, but.... Cool Whip is honestly made of petroleum. dont believe me? check the container. you should see a notice saying: "an edible oil product". no, they do not mean vegetable oil. they mean oil, as in motor oil. i am not lying. what they do is they take oil. then they remove petroleum, and all that other stuff that can be used for a vehicle. there is a bunch of sludge at the bottom. half of it is turned into vaseline (petroleum jelly), and half of it is colored white and flavored/sweetened. then frozen. and sold to us as "whipped cream". guess what? there is no cream in cool whip. at all. disgusted? so am i. i havent eaten cool whip since.

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How is cool whip made?

you retrieve cool whip from cows. you stick them in a freezer and whip them and then milk them to obtain the cool whip.

Is half and half the same as cool whip?

No. Half-and-half is made from cow's milk and cream. Cool Whip is non-dairy. It is made from oil.

Is it pronounced cool wip or cool whip?

Cool Hwip(Hoo-whip)

Can you make whipped cream from cool whip?

No. Whipped cream is made by whipping heavy cream. Cool Whip is a non-dairy substitute for whipped cream. If a recipe calls for whipped cream, you can substitute Cool Whip, but the taste won't be the same.

Can you refrigerate cool whip?

If cool whip isn't frozen, then it should be refrigerated.

Is cool whip a solid liquid or gas?

Cool Whip is considered a solid.

What is the difference between Cool Whip and whipped cream?

Cool Whip is a non-dairy cream. It is made of vegetable oil among other ingredients. Whip Cream is cream from cow. That is the main difference besides the taste.

How do you spell cool whip?

Just as you correcly spelled it. In case you need it again: cool whip In a sentence: I ate some cool whip. Hope this helps! :)

What is cool whip in Great Britain?

Cool Whip is a brand. It is the same wherever it is sold.

Is there gluten in cool whip?

Yes, but there are recipes for to make gluten-free cool whip.

What are the ingredients in cool whip is it healthy?

Cool WHip is so healthy it is non dairy

Is cool whip whipping cream?

No its not. Cool whip is a topping, whipping cream is an ingredient.

Who does the dream whip commercials?

dream whip!? u mean miracle whip or cool whip?

What is the best type of whip for cracking?

cool whip

How many cups is in 8 ounces of cool whip?

There are 2 cups in 8 ounces of cool whip.

Where can you buy cool whip in UK?

You can buy a cool whip mostly in grocery markets in UK in the jello section

How many calories are in fat free cool whip?

There are Approx. 14 calories in fat free cool whip.

Who invented cool whip?

Cool whip was developed by the Birds Eye devision of General Foods. The technology to make cool whip was invented by William A. Mitchell, a food chemist at the General Foods Corporation.

Does a whip snake actually whip you to death?


Is Cool Whip whipped topping kosher?

I have in front of me photos of a tub of Cool Whip Extra Creamy and Cool Whip Original certified kosher by OK Kosher. The OK heksher (kosher certification mark) is an O with a K inside. I also see photos of Cool Whip Lite where I can't find a heksher, so it is probable that some Cool Whip variants or some Cool Whip production lines do not have kosher certification. As usual, you need to look for the heksher, not the brand name, to determine if something is kosher.

How many ounces is 2 cups of Cool Whip?

8 oz. of Cool Whip equals 2 Cups.

Can you substitute cool whip for a block of cream cheese in a cheesecake?

dont think that will work. Cool whip is not dense enough.

Does cool whip make you high?


Is cool whip vegetarian?


Can you refreeze Cool Whip?