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im pretty sure you dont want to know the answer to this, but.... Cool Whip is honestly made of petroleum. dont believe me? check the container. you should see a notice saying: "an edible oil product". no, they do not mean vegetable oil. they mean oil, as in motor oil. i am not lying. what they do is they take oil. then they remove petroleum, and all that other stuff that can be used for a vehicle. there is a bunch of sludge at the bottom. half of it is turned into vaseline (petroleum jelly), and half of it is colored white and flavored/sweetened. then frozen. and sold to us as "whipped cream". guess what? there is no cream in cool whip. at all. disgusted? so am i. i havent eaten cool whip since.

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โˆ™ 2009-07-22 00:48:05
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Q: What is cool whip actually made of?
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