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Well bare foot is "barefoot" with no spaces in. Bare feet is alright. we normally use barefoot as in " Can i go barefoot". Bare feet is "PE is done in bare feet"

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2011-01-24 21:43:50
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Q: What is correct bare foot or bare feet?
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Why your always in a bare foot is correct?

It is better to be in a bare foot is always correct because if we would wear the shoe whole of the day we would have athlete's foot disease and if we are bare foot the sweat of foot just dry up and because of that it is better to be bare foot Azhar uddin khan-India

Which is grammatically correct bare feet or bare foot?

When using the phrase as an adjective of adverb, you use "barefoot". Example: He walks around barefoot all the time. Her heal broke, so she took off her shoes and walked the rest of the way home barefoot. The children go around barefoot at home, but must put their shoes on when they leave their house. A crazy barefoot man came into the store today! I like to be barefoot. I hate wearing shoes or socks. As a noun, of course, you can use either. It just depends on whether you are talking about one foot or more than one foot. I have one bare foot. I have bare feet. I lost my shoe and now one foot is bare. My bare feet are freezing cold!

Does victora justice have a foot fetish?

I believe she does. She always shows her bare feet.

Can you see Justin biebers bare feet?

Yes, their disgusting. He has Athlete's Foot.

Which is the correct grammar a bubble six feet wide or a bubble six foot wide?

Feet would be correct as that is the plural of foot.

What the correct plural form of this word 'foot'?

The plural of 'foot' is 'feet'.

How tall is Katie derham?

katie derham is 5 foot 10 in her bare feet and 6 foot 1 in heels

Is it correct to say 200 square foot or 200 square feet?

200 square feet is correct answer.

Why is it that girls tend to use their bare feet to step on guys?

girls use their bare foot to step on guy because they don't like you and want you to be in pain

Is it correct to say 6 foot long or 6 feet long?

6 feet long.

900 feet equals to how many foot?

"Feet" is merely the plural of the word "foot", therefore, the two measurements are identical - however, "900 feet" is grammatically correct.

When was bare foot founded by Shakira?

Bare foot was found in 1995 in Chile when shakira was in a festival.

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