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When you can correctly spell intercourse.

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Q: What is correct time to have inter coarse?
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Which one is correct 'course sandpaper' or 'coarse sand paper'?

The correct one is "coarse sandpaper".

What is the correct time of inter course?

The correct time of intercourse is 18 and over. There are legal issues pertaining to why this is. The best idea is to wait until an adult to have it.

What is correct more coarse or coarser?

Coarse is better. You could say "More coarse", but not "More coarser".

Of coarse you do and so do I. Should the spelling be coarse or course in this situation?

The correct spelling in this situation is "course," not "coarse." "Course" refers to a direction or path of action, whereas "coarse" means rough or abrasive.

Do you say Of course or of coarse?

The correct phrase to use is "Of course." "Of coarse" is not a standard English expression.

Can you lose your virginity after touching yourself with something?

The only way to lose your virginity is if you have penetrative inter-coarse with another person.

To bury in the earth?


Is it grammatically correct to say keep your eyes open?

Yes, of coarse.

How do you spell of course?

That's the correct spelling: orderorder

Proper use of electricity and water is good manners- is this correct or not?

yes, of coarse its a good manner

Which word means a period of time between two events?

Inter (e.g. Inter-war)

What is the correct term for the entity that prioritizes incidents for the purpose of allocating scarce resources mobilizes resources ensures inter-agency and inter-jurisdictional coordination?

Incident command team