What is cosmology?

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Cosmology is the study of the Universe as a whole. While Astronomy studies individual celestial objects such as stars, planets, and galaxies, cosmology focuses on the big picture: How the Universe works, how it came into being, and how it might end. It studies the structure of galaxies and the structure of space-time (warpage via black holes etc), the nature of time itself, mass and energy, string theory, and whether there are actually other Universes, in a 'neverending multiverse' or omniverse.

Cosmology differs from Astronomy. Astronomy seems to concentrate on the naming of stars and the description of Earth's solar system. Cosmology concentrates more on the physiology of the Universe as it were.

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Q: What is cosmology?
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What is the study of the universe as a whole?

The study of the universe is called cosmology. Physical cosmology is studied by physicists and astronomers.

Is cosmology astronomy?

They are not the same, but cosmology is a part of astronomy.

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Cosmology is the study of the universe. <mm> -

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yes the physical cosmology is a branch of astro physic

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The study of the universe?


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What is relativistic cosmology?

It is cosmology using Einstein's theories of special and general relativity. This is the modern form of cosmology. The old form, called Newtonian cosmology, is based on the laws of Newton (which we now know are not accurate for big things such as galaxies), but is sometimes still used as an educational device (since it is simpler).

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Yes it is.

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