What is creative rhythm and creative dance?


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Creative rhythym is one of the Phases of dance program.

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creative rhythm dance is a kind of dance which may be in the form of expressing our own idea.

Creative dance is a type of dance that reveals the spirit or motivation of the dancer to the audience. The movements have an obvious beginning, middle, and end. In each case, there is a connection to an external rhythm or beat, and sometimes a story in incorporated into the dance.

creative modern dance is what you dance in a creative way

The phases of dance are: warm up, gentle dance spaz cool down

Rhythm is used in dance to keep in time with the music and to make the dance look more interesting. :)

creating the rhythm of something that makes a good thing

it can be taught by many people if you play an instrument you have a rhythm there.

The rhythm of hip hop dance music can really just differ between different styles of songs and such. The overall rhythm of that genre is more upbeat and party type of rhythm.

What they mean is how would you make up your own moves. How would you be creative in dance. What are the different types of creative dance (eg....tap dancing, jazz....) So the basic is what type of dance has their own style. I hope that helps.

Some people have dance rhythm, some don't.

Example sentence - It is easy to dance to the rhythm in that song.

Music and dance are inseparable because both have rhythm.

It means like the beat of the music and your dance, and how frequent your dance routine is.

Creative Dance Solo Dance Group Dance Ethnic Dance Ballroom Dance Theatrical Dance

Yes, cha cha is a ballroom dance. "Ballroom dance" consists of two types of dances: rhythm and smooth. Cha cha is one of the rhythm dances.

type in on youtube "i can dance" by Jon lajoie and watch his dance. you should like it ;)

Hip hop dance is when you move your body to the rhythm of a song and dance to a fast beat.

I move to drum beats or the bass.

The abbreviation for Dance Dance Revolution is DDR. Dance Dance Revolution is a video game that combines dance and rhythm into a fun game for all ages.

They can't dance well but they can "bounce" to the rhythm of the music.

Without rhythm, the concept of dancing may not exist. Rhythm is the pattern of beats used to make a song. Dancers typically keep on beat in rhythm with the song.

______________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ YA! dancing is sooo creative! ---- I believe it is. Dance is expression of the soul through movement. No two people have the same soul, so it definitely is unique and creative. There are endless possibilities to dance.

Waltzes travel in threes.

Direct Correlation in dance is when the dance movements work in time with twith the beat and rhythm of the music/sound

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