What is croslite?

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Croslite™ is a proprietary Closed Cell Resin material which is NOT plastic NOR rubber. Croslite™ material is closed-cell in nature and anti-microbial, which virtually eliminates odor. It is an extraordinary impact absorbing resin material developed for maximum cushioning. Its closed cell properties resist odor, inhibit bacterial and fungal growth and are non­toxic. This versatile material can be worn next to skin and be cleaned with just soap and water.

It is most commonly used with the brand CROCS.

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How readley composting is this material
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Q: What is croslite?
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What are crocs made from?


Is croslite a patent material?

I just looked this up and saw an article that claims it isnt, it says that despite their marketing that says crislite ia patented, a recent financial report from crocs says it isn’t.

What are Crocs shoes made out of?

Crocs is made from a proprietary foam resin called Croslite. Croslite is a closed cell resin.

How did Crocs shoes get their name?

The foam resin from which the shoes are made is called Croslite. Apart from that, only the company that originally made them - Foam Creations - would know.

Is a closed cell resin material petroleum based?

Yes PCCR or Croslite is petroleum based. It is only a small amount per pair of shoes but it adds up with all of the crocs being made.

What are the materials used to create Crocs shoes and sandals?

There are several different materials used to create Crocs shoes and sandals. These materials include croslite which is a closed cell resin that looks and feels like foam.

What type of shoes does the brand Crocs sell?

Crocs sell shoes that are made with a patented material called Croslite which is essentially a foam resin. Because the Crocs are made of synthetic materials, the shoes come in different colors.

What styles of boys shoes are offered by Timberland?

In my opinion and in a professional way, I recommend to you the best and most famous and world-leading companies in the field of innovative casual shoes for men, women and children made with Croslite which is ..}}

Who first came up with the idea of Crocs?

Origin of Crocs - Crocs are often confused with similar "eco" type footwear developed in the late 1970s and often used in spa settings. The actual Crocs were developed in South Florida in the mid-nineties by the owner of a large pool maintenance/service business; his dilemma was the hot pavement and tile surrounding swimming pools that requires footwear to avoid burning the service man's feet. The time wasted taking shoes on and off was costing efficiency and wearing canvas non-marring footwear left you with wet and unhealthy feet. The entrepreneur started working with a friend in the chemical engineering field and the idea was born. The engineer developed the Croslite™ material and the pool man styled them. The Florida heritage inspired the name "Crocs" signifying the kinship with the Florida Gators. The product grew beyond the original market which was tradesmen and beach goers! NOTE: The shoe design and name was sold in the late nineties however the patent on Croslite was held under a different company - Foam Creations. . In June 2004, Crocs purchased Foam Creations and their manufacturing operations to secure exclusive rights to the proprietary foam resin "croslite", which is made using ethylene vinyl acetate.[1][2] The foam forms itself to a wearer's feet and offers purported medical benefits, according to a number of podiatrists.[3][4] 1. ^ Maniscalco, Michelle (March 2007). "E-shots Web-exclusive: Patent check: What's in a Croc?". Injection Molding Magazine. Retrieved 2007-07-31. 2. ^ US patent 6993858 3. ^ a b ""Not Such A Croc"". Washington Post. August 1, 2006. pp. HE01. Retrieved 2007-08-13. 4. ^ Form 10-K for Crocs Inc. (archive) Crocs 2006 Annual Report. Yahoo!Finance. March 31, 2006. Accessed 2007-04-29.

How should croc's plan its production and inventory?

Snyder made some key moves that led Crocs to the big success: * The purchase of Finproject and renaming it 'Foam design' which meant owning the formula for proprietary resin 'croslite' that gave the shoes their unique properties of extreme comfort and odor resistance. * The encouragement of the company to think big. * Launching the product worldwide, he wanted a sustainable brand with a funky strange look and his objective was to launch the world pretty much at once. * The sales efforts: participating in trade shows in every industry that could benefit from the product (garden shows, boat shows...), as the presence in a wide range of events (concerts, festivals...). These efforts intended to increase awareness of the potential users about the product uniqueness and benefits. * The development of a non-traditional supply chain that provided a competitive advantage. The company could fill new orders within the season, quickly manufacturing and shipping new products to the retail stores. * Bringing the global supply chain in-house, because contractors outside of Asia weren't ready to adopt the company's new supply chain model, Snyder developed co-owned manufacturing operations in all of Mexico, Italy, Brazil and India and only kept the contract manufacturers that could meet Crocs needs for flexibility and responsiveness. * Having the compounding done in Italy led to the supply chain inefficiency so he moved the compounding in-house so he can have more control over the production and time as he will protect the IP for Croslite compound. * Crocs changed the warehousing model from contract manufacturers in Colorado to company own warehousing which allows in specific cases direct shipments. Crocs was planning to control all of the Asian order activities he wanted to be sure the whole activities concerning warehousing were done in the best possible way and knowing that no one will do it perfectly as Crocs by itself, they've decided to adopt this mission. And after Crocs growth they replaced the home grown database system with a more suitable ERP system which was bought online. This allowed a global view of the inventory and all the required information for the planning system which eliminates the possibility of excess inventory. To decide on the amount of products to be manufactured concerning each model, Crocs had to analyze the retailers pre-books and the model expected sales. In fact Crocs kept total manufacturing capacity at about 1 million pairs per month beyond the actual production plan. All the moves done by Snyder were to increase Crocs profit margin. In order to achieve this objective, he has adopted a strategy that boosts sales (he launched worldwide, he diversified to many product lines, he created the replenishment system) and minimizes costs ( acquisition of the proprietary Croslite, bringing the compounding in-house, adding warehousing operations to each factory, new ERP system).

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