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Cultural conflicts are disagreements between cultural beliefs and values by two or more sides.
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What is conflict?

Coflict is a struggle between two opposite sides. Conflict is a problem in a book conflict means a disgreement/clash/untogetherness

What is a conflict?

a conflict is a disagreement. a clash between opposing forces or opposing elements It means the problem

What were the cultural conflicts of prohibition and evolution?

They were both issues that were related to the opinions of traditionalists and modernists. Prohibition caused an eruption of organized crime, such as speak easies, and a population of people who opposed the legislation and rebelled. The Scopes Trial was a perfect example of traditionalists vs. moder ( Full Answer )

Cross culture conflict?

Cross- culture conflict stems from cultural divides between groups.These fundamental differences can affect the way groups interactand interpret each other's behavior, often causing disagreement andhostility.

What is cultural?

Cultural is relating to culture or culturing. Culture is thecharacteristics of a particular group of people, defined byeverything from language, religion, etc.

Definition of cultural conflict?

Cultural conflict is a pattern of behavior that emerges whendifferent cultures disagree due to religious reasons or values.These cultural conflicts increase when politics become involved.

'What is culture?

\nculture defines who a person is, where they come from [in some cases], what they eat, what they wear, what they believe in.

Why do you have culture?

we have culture because, culture is a ordinary habit/attitude of man in daily lives. Everyday, we changed our culture. As what i have said culture is just ordinary habit of a man.

What cultural conflict caused problems for Canada?

Religious and cultural differences between the mostly Roman Catholic French and mainly Protestant English-speaking colonists caused conflict in Canada. Both groups pressed Britain for a greater voice in governing their own affairs. In 1791 the British Parliament tried to resolve both issues by creat ( Full Answer )

What if there was no conflict?

then every single day the world would be peacefull and Iraq and all the other contries want be fighting they would be getting along drinking a nice cold beer then they wouldn't have to waste all there money buying bombs guns tanks and all the other dangours staff that the armys need. BY POI then eve ( Full Answer )

How have various beliefs with regard to the commonalities and conflicts between science and religion affected various cultures throughout the world?

Galileo challenged the Church's authority on scientific matters, showing with a few simple experiments how the Church's teachings were wrong on subjects such as physics. He got in a lot of trouble over that, and the relationship between science and the Church has been rocky ever since. Today in the ( Full Answer )

How would you discuss the ways in which developments in scientific knowledge may conflict with the idea about the origins of life developed by different cultures?

Science conflicts withs everything, inc science its self, however the idea that 'man was created by an "invisible being" who also, just so happened to create everything, is far to much use of an imagination for a logical scientist. But on the other hand the ideas about the origins of life developed ( Full Answer )

Why do you have conflicts?

conflict occurs because individuals has different interests and also it is because political resources are distributed unequally

How do the Jews and Palestinians resolve their cultural conflict?

There is no cultural conflict between Israeli Jews and Israeli Arabs (who are mostly ethnic-Palestinians) who live in Israel. There are religious and historical differences and certainly political disagreements, but there is no cultural conflict. The same could have been said of the Jewish communiti ( Full Answer )

What is a cultural conflict?

A cultural conflict is a conflict between a person or persons religious background, ethnicity, and or beliefs. For example: There is a christian and an atheist sitting in a park and they begin to discuss their beliefs. A conflict could then arise between the two people with different religious beli ( Full Answer )

Did the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict start from cultural differences?

Yes and No. The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict has its origins in theconfrontation between immigrant Zionist Jews or Yishuv in theMandate of Palestine and their interaction with the indigenousSettled Arabs or Fellahin in the 1920s and 1930s. Before thatpoint, the immigration into the land had been a ( Full Answer )

What are the themes show in The Loons by Margaret Laurence except from racism and cultural conflicts?

There are some conflicts in the summer holidays between the two girls through the conflicts, the readers can be very clear of what a girl the protagonist is. Actually, the conflict between Piquette( the mirror ethnic people) and the whole society the conflict between the loon( the symbol of the fast ( Full Answer )

Why might cultural diversity cause conflicts?

my view is.... its in human nature to form groups/communities. these often come about by some common trait/reason to form together e.g an aspect of say, a persons culture. So now we have two or more groups formed together for cultural reasons. Unfortunately another aspect of human nature is violen ( Full Answer )

What additional evidence demonstrates that the conflict in Xinjiang is a cultural one?

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Is the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict based on cultural differences?

Partially, but not entirely. There are also national differences, governmental differences, religious differences, land valuation, and numerous other reasons that help to perpetuate the conflict. Cultural differences, though, explain a lot.

How does language foster cooperation and conflict among cultures?

Whereas different languages and cultures can separate peoples of different cultures, similar language among two people of a different culture can lead to peaceful discussions and plans made. While in most applications, cooperation is seen far less than conflict, similar language can break that ster ( Full Answer )

What is Culture Conflict Theory?

Culture conflict is a theory based on the idea that different cultures and classes have different values, beliefs and goals. When these different cultures with distinct perceptions of life and the social structure come together; they will always clash against one another. In other words, it is the c ( Full Answer )

How cultural differences can cause conflict?

Well, there was a time back then when Alexander the Great traveled all over Asia to conquer the world. As he was traveling, he passed some villagers that had some religious beliefs. The villagers were Egyptians and the Indies. He wanted to pass his Greek religious beliefs to everyone. Some believed, ( Full Answer )

Which countries have created a cultural conflict for Canada?

Most countries have created cultural conflicts for Canada, via immigration. We have tried to keep these conflicts to a minimum in large part by not forcing our own culture on to new Canadians. Seems to have worked well so far.

What are the issues and challenges of cultural conflict?

One of the issues and challenges of cultural conflict is ignorance. Often people who are ignorant to the culture of others respond with bitterness to the differences. Fear and misunderstanding of another culture must be replaced with respect and tolerance by gaining knowledge of the different cultur ( Full Answer )

Why is there a conflict?

Many reasons could cause conflicts. examples are: . The different view points on a subject, status, problem solution, ... etc . The desire of one side to have dominanance over the other . The greedy nature of one side of getting more than is deserved to get . The absence of justice and fairness ( Full Answer )