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Since May of 2009 it has been 44 cents for a standard size on ounce letter.

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Q: What is current first class US postage rate?
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Current domestic postage rate first class?

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What is the current postage stamp?

Current US postage for ordinary first class letters is 42 cents.As of May 11, 2009, the First Class rate in the US was raised to 44 cents.

What is Letter postage from Illinois to Alaska?

The current First Class rate is 44 cents.

How much is a stamp in 2012?

The current First Class postage rate is 45 cents.

Is postage still 42 cents for a first class letter?

No the current rate is 44 cents.

What is the current price of a US postal stamp for a first class letter?

The current First Class postage rate is 45 cents (since 22 January 2012).

How much is postage on a first class letter to Hawaii?

The current postage rate for 1st Class mail is 44 cents to anywhere in the US, including Alaska and Hawaii.

Can you still use a first class stamp regardless of the rate increase?

The Forever Stamps can still be used for a single ounce of first class postage. Other first class stamps can be used for their value, but additional postage must be added to it to make the current rate.

What is current cost of first class postage in US?

As of 2016, the rate actually dropped to 47 cents.

What is the current postage rate for a letter from us to Ireland?

$2.66 for a first class letter from the US to Ireland.

What is the first class postage rate on a letter to Tanzania from the US?

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What is the current rate of First Class Postage?

The First Class postage rate for a 1 ounce letter from and to a United States address has been 45 cents since 22 January 2012.