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over 9000!!!!!!

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Q: What is current value 1 troy oz platinum?
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How much platinum exists today?

To find the market value of platinum per gram, divide the current spot price (quoted per troy ounce) by 31.1 (grams in a troy ounce). You can view the current spot price and learn more about troy measurements at the links below.

What is the value of a 2000 millennium republic of Liberia 10 dollar coin?

It is 1 troy oz of 999 fine silver. So its value is the current silver price for 1 troy oz. Depending on its condition there could be some additional numismatic value to collectors too. Current silver price as of this moment is $34.28 per troy oz of fine silver.

What is the value of one troy ounce with roger maris on it?

Current spot price of silver - about $14/oz.

What is the value of a one troy ounce 1974 silver coin?

The current spot price of silver is about $14/oz

What us the current Value of one gram of gold?

gold is measured in troy ounces. there are 31.1 grams per troy ounce. At $1000/oz x 1 oz/31.1 grams = $32.15

What is the current value of 57 troy oz of sterling silver?

The value fluctuates on a daily, if not hourly, basis. You must do a web search on "precious metals values" for a current quote.

How much do local platinum buyers pay for platinum?

About 1405$USD per troy oz. There is no "local".

What is the value of a coin with 999 fine platinum one troy oz June 27 2011?

6-28-11>> Platinum is at $1,674.00 per ounce, but the purity for all US platinum coins is marked as .9995 not .999

How much is a troy oz in reguler oz?

1 troy oz = 1.09714286 "regular" ounces.

What is value 1997 Washington mint half pound silver certificate?

At current spot price ($29.24) value is $214.33. The Washington Mint silver piedforts were marked and marketed in avoirdupois weight. Half pound(8 oz.) avdp = 7.33 oz. troy. Since market price of pure silver has basis in troy weight system, the conversion is necessary to calculate correct value.

What is the value of an engelhard 1 troy oz bar?

it's worth 143 dollars

How many troy oz are there in one kilo?

1 kilogram = about 32.1 troy ounces. (32.1507466 troy oz.)