What is deforestation?

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Deforestation is people cutting down whole forests of trees, and making it even less likely for humans to survive. Trees supply oxygen, absorb carbon dioxide, and hold down the soil from washing away or making landslides.

The destruction and cutting down of forests is often done to clear land for farming, mining, roads, and grazing of cattle. That causes increased atmospheric CO2 levels, a factor in global warming.

The Cutting down and clearing of trees

The action or process of clearing forests_ also _The state of having been cleared by forests.

Verb. To Clear of Forests or trees


The conversion of forested areas to non-forested lands.

e.g. Cutting down a forest to make pastures.

the cutting down of trees is called deforestation

Deforestation means clearing of forests and using that land for other purposes.

defforestation is cutting of trees.

deforestation is when rain forests get destroyed and ruined
1. The state of being clear of trees

2. The removal of trees

Deforestation occurs to create open space for urban or agricultural use.

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Q: What is deforestation?
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