What is degree deodarant?

Updated: 12/5/2022
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Q: What is degree deodarant?
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Can you take deodarant and mouth wash in the handbag on a plane?


Is roll- on deodarant acid or base?

Roll-on deodorant typically contains a combination of chemicals like fragrances, preservatives, and antibacterial agents that help reduce body odor. These chemicals are usually neutral or slightly acidic, as bases can cause irritation on the skin.

When should you start wearing deodarant?

when you start to smell like bio.

Is deodarant an acid or base?

ug who the heck cares? no offense but will the world change if it is?

What deodorant has no alcohol?

Secret -Womens deodarant

Are there other products like hairspray that are bad for the environment?

There is: . Nail Varnish . Deodarant . Room Fresheners

Can deodarant explode?

Yes it can if you puncture the bottle even if there is nothing in it the pressure will cause the bottle to explode

What should you get your 14 year old boyfriend for christmas 2011?

a kiss, a hug, and a pack of deodarant. simple

How do you dress to impress?

just be simple and have a gud deodarant or perfume on u.ur dressing style shud be neat and not over fashionable

What year did smells like team spirit come out?

if your talking about the song by Nirvana, its called Smells Like Teen Spirit, and it came out in 1991 on one of Nirvanas famous albums Nevermind. Additonal information: When Kurt Cobain came out with this song, he didnt no that Teen Spirit was a type of deodarant, and even though its not even mentioned in the song, sales went up on the deodarant!

Would like to buy tickle deodrant from the 1970's?

Yes! I have been looking for 40 year old tickle deodarant for all of my life. Thank you! This means more to me than you will ever know.