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Q: What is depicted by the symbols in fcfa coins?
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What country's coins have depicted the Sphinx?


Who is depicted on the mercury head coins?

Lady Liberty

Who was on the first coin?

Animals were usually depicted on early coins dating to approximately 700 BCE. A person was known to have been depicted on Persian coins around 400 BCE.

How much is the flight ticket from cameroon to south Korea?

600000 fcfa

How much money is albert nkemla worth?

46 billion fcfa

Who face was on the Roman coin?

There were many, many faces on Roman coins. The most images were naturally of the emperor, but other prominent people were also depicted. Coins were not only pieces of money in the Roman world, they were also sources of information. For example, if a general had a important victory, a coin would be issued with his face on one side and a symbol of his victory on the other. An example of this is the coins of Marcus Agrippa. Cities or provinces would also issue coins perhaps commemorating a visit by the emperor and his family or some other dignitary. Usually their wives were depicted with them.

What are the symbols to Athena?

Athena is depicted in full armour, and has a shield with Medusa's head on it.

What was put on King Darius the firsts coins?

The king, depicted as an archer.

What do the symbols on the back of a US nickel stand for?

There are no special symbols as such.FIVE CENTS and UNITED STATES OF AMERICA are self-explanatory.MONTICELLO is the name of Thomas Jefferson's famous home, depicted just above that word.E PLURIBUS UNUM is the national motto of the US and means "Out of many, one." It appears on all coins and bills.

What did the symbols on early coins depict?

There are hundreds of such symbols. You have to be a bit more specific if you expect and answer.

Which god is depicted on the yaudheya coins?

Murugan : also called Kumāra Karttikeya

Who added Christian symbols to Roman coins?