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What is difference between GPRS and WAP?

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I have also searched for this question from many days.....& I have got different Answer by googling it. AT the end I have end up with following conclusion....

" WAP is a Protocol for fetching Data content on Mobile while GPRS is a transporting the Data content to the mobile device"

Such as WAP is like and Http on web and GPRS is like TCP/IP which transport the data

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What does gprs wap unltd dom mean?

I have this on my phone bill GPRS WAP UNLTD DOM-DTAU. What does this mean?

What is the full form of GPS and GPRS and difference between them?

Full form of GPRS

What is wap over gprs?

WAP = Wide Area Paging. GPRS = General Packet Radio Service. It's basically the system by which the mobile phone network sends and receives data, MMS and SMS messages.

How do you hook-up WAP or GPRS on a mobile phone?

wap is wireless application protocal its integrated in gprs enabled sell phone and provide internet surfing on ur handheld cell phone or pda praveen kumar

WAP to show the difference between a variable and static variable?

difference between constant and static variables in java

What is the basic difference between SGSN and GGSN in gprs?

SGSN - Serving GPRS Support Network GGSN - Gateway GPRS support node. GGSN is like GMSC. Group of SGSN controlled by 1 GGSN.

What is the difference between internet and gprs?

GPRS is a technique to connect to the internet from a mobile device. If you connect to the internet at home, you connect (most likely) using a DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) from your internet provider. The difference between "normal internet" (ADSL) or GPRS internet is that the latter is (most of the times) slower and more expensive but can be used almost everywhere. You could compare it between a landline and a cellphone.

What are the wap and or gprs setting for afghan wireless?

APN: internet username: awcc password: 1111 you will need to send a text with "GPRS" in the boday (no qoutes) to 999. The service is 999 afganis a month for unlimited data as of AUG 2012

What protocols are used in mobile devices?

WAP wireless access protocols. It also depends which mobile connections you are using. Do you mean bluetooth, EDGE, GPRS?

Bsnl gprs settings in s9 sigmatel?

Go to services, data account, gprs, edit any of gprs as bellow account name as:- bsnl gprs, apn as:-, user name as :- leave it as empty, password as: leave it as empty, auth.type as:- normal. finish it and go back to services wap, settings, edit profile, sim1(bsnl slot), select profile 8, edit profile, edit rename:- profile as office mobile, home page:-, data account:- bsnl gprs, connection type:- http, proxy address:-, proxy port:- 8080. activate the modifide settings was mobile office, finish now u can use bsnl wap.

What is GPRS?

General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) It is a packet oriented Mobile Data Service available to users of GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications). It has data rate between 56 to 114 kbit/s. GPRS can be used for services such as Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) access, Short Message Service (SMS) , Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) , and for Internet communication services such as email and World Wide Web access.

How do you get MXit on your cellphone?

well firstly you have to have GPRS on your phone,CHECK THAT all your settings are on.then go to the address then click on ''download mxit" then press accept

Difference between GPRS and internet browsing?

GPRS is the service which is given to use on the mobile for surfing the Internet but it is connected with Internet Internet is the service which is available to browse on the computer only this is the difference between gprs & Internet but we can browse on both to access the universal data

What is m.www?

The letter "m." in front of a link usually indicates loading the mobile version of a website. Some browsers have a problem with loading such a URL. It can be browsed by Mobile GPRS & WAP 2.0.

Do Orange Wap provide free access to off-portal sites like Google for free just like they said if you search for 3g on a wap phone on and go to Orange 3g then Access all Areas?

You have to use a GPRS ready phone as WAP is dial-up and costs the same no matter what page you browse (WAP charges by the minute, GPRS does not, it charges by the data you download, but some pages that you browse on GPRS cost you nothing) What Orange means is that if you subscribe to the Browse all Day for a pound package, you can the off-portal sites for free too, and also, on standard GPRS if you browse a selected off-portal page, you will be charged coppers, whereas you will get charged quite a bit extra with a normal off portal page. Most operator pages are free to browse and Orange let you browse their online catalouges for free through a GPRS ready phone. However the other Orange pages will charge you, but they are VERY CHEAP. The off-portal sites include: Google, Yahoo, Bebo, Max Power, Facebook (Free on Orange Dolphin), Sky Sports and many more! Also try ZAP's Video service on Orange GPRS. It's 100% free from data costs but streaming only works on 3G ready phones such as the popular K800i.

What is the full meaning of GPRS?


How do you solve this program wap to print sum of a digit of an inputed number?

wap to print all the arnstrong no. between 100&1000

What is difference between 2G and 2.5G?

2G is GSM whereby each user has a defined time slot to access the base station whereas in 2.5G, also known as GPRS, it is the aggregation of time slots to create a data packet for a user. GPRS is the first step towards a mobile data service.

How do you get gprs on your phone?

If the mobile phone has the GPRS feature, all one has to do is activate the internet and GPRS will become active. It is difficult to modify and install GPRS on a phone that does not have the technology already.

What is the difference between wi-fi and bluetooth?

wifi is a wap (wireless access point (used for internet)) bluetooth is a data conecction (used 4 sending data)

How do you browse smart gprs free?

you have to access your GPRS first and you need at least one peso .ask your "network" on how to open your GPRS .:))))

What is the full form of GPRS?


Sigmatel s3 gprs satting?

gprs insigmatel s3 setting

How do you open the gprs of Nokia 7230?

how do i open the gprs of nokia 7230

How do you play online net?

whats is different between WAP and ON LINE INTERNET