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A mini volleyball small and a volleyball is much bigger

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Mini volleyballs are much smaller than regular volleyballs but beginner volleyballs are the same size as regular volleyballs but are lighter

volleyball uses a volleyball and basketball uses a basketball.

The one big difference is that one is played inside and on court and is played outside on sand. Another difference is that you have 2 people playing rather than 6 on a regular game of volleyball inside!! And that's the difference between beach volleyball and indoor volleyball. Sources: I have played volleyball for 10 years!!

outdoor volleyball is played by the beach. Inside volleyball is played by the gym.

The difference between beach volleyball and sitting volleyball is that on the beach you do not sit to play volleyball where as obviously in sitting volleyball you would. Also I believe that usually disabled people play sitting volleyball. But I am quite sure that sitting volleyball could be played at the beach.

The surface you're playing on. (It's also different from beach volleyball!)

well flagrantly, beach volleyball is played on the beach and regular volleyball is played indoors such as in a gym

A mini laptop is smaller. That's the only difference.

when only 3 players can be on the volleyball court

Beach volleyball has two players per team and doesn't rotate. Oh, and its in sand :)

Hockey is played on ice and volleyball is not. Hockey is played with a puck and volleyball is played with a ball.

The difference between a super computer and a mini computer is in their computing power. A super computer has infinitely more computing power than a mini computer.

There is no significant difference between the two, except for the fact that the iPad mini is true to it's name and is smaller then the iPad. Another difference is that Siri is only on the iPad 3 and iPad mini.

The net of tennis is shorter then a net for volleyball.

Well, if you are just playing regular volleyball, but outside, the the ball isn't different. But if you are playing beach volleyball, they are made out of a different material.

Beach volleyball is played on sand, regular volleyball is played on a hardwood court. Beach volleyball also has teams of two players rather than 6.

A mini laptop is smaller than a regular laptop hence the word mini!!!!!

I don't know much but i do know (1) in volleyball you can have 6 people on Court and in mini you can have only 4 (2) In mini volleyball you can not kick the ball but in volleyball you can (3) In volleyball you have sets and in mini you just count all the scores (4) If a boy is playing in a team they will put the net up higher (5) you can serve over arm i think you can do that in mini volleyball as well but people just don't bother because in practice they only teach year 5's and over. That's all i know there are probably heaps more rules but there are some :)

the mini uiz is smaller then the uzi and the mini Uiz shoots faster than the uiz

The mini may be a bit smaller but that is about all they are both small the mini may have better quality.

Mini Golf was invented as a tourist atraction for a southernour's hotel.