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You can almost spot the differences straight away.

External Features that differ:

Woman have larger breats. Down between the legs a man holds a penis; the long, stiff thing you find dropping from his groin. Hanging off this are two testicles, they are what produce the men's sex hormones. For a women, they lay a vahina. A small slit allowing acess into her body.

A man is normally seen a being broad and muscular. While a woman is more skinny and fragile.

Internal Features:

A man holds one less the rib than a woman from birth. Down lower a women has what's called a womb. When she herself becomes pregent a baby is formed here. A man does not have this.

A woman's hips are also wider than that of a man. Allowing the young baby to easily come out at birth

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What is the difference between the fastest man and the fastest woman?

Over 100m the time difference between word records is 0.91s. Between the current fastest man and fastest woman it is 1.06s.

What is the difference between man cricket and woman cricket?

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There is no difference, other than whether it is a man or a woman doing the rooting.

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What should the age difference between a man and woman be in a relationship?

close in age

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could someone answer, but in the logical way

What does feminine signing look like?

There is no difference between a man signing and a woman signing.

What is the difference between Bachelor and Baccalaureate?

A bachelor is a single man and a baccalaureate is a single woman

What is the difference between man and woman in biological and in cultural?

Man looses hair on top of their head, but women dont.

Can there be a 10 year difference between a older Muslim woman and a younger Muslim man to be married?

yes there can be an age difference of 10 years between a younger man and older woman to get married. It is similar to the age difference between the Prophet Muhammed s.a.w and Hadrat Khadija r.a. So it is allowed.

What is the difference between a man and woman urinary system?

The urethra in women is shorter than men.

What is the difference between concubine and mistress?

A concubine is a woman who lives with a man, but is lower in status than his wife or wives. A mistress is a woman having an affair with a married man.

What is the difference in Movies between an action man and an action woman compared to a superhero and a super heroine?

action man has go to critical way.but action woman is go to help the action man.

What is difference between a man and president?

The president is chief of command, and so allows him or her to declare war. The everyday man or woman are unable to do that.

What is the difference between Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson?

Micheal Jackson is a man and Janet Jackson is a woman

What is the difference between bachelor and bachelorette?

Bachelor refers to an unmarried Man. Bachelorette refers to an unmarried Woman.

What is the difference between man skin and woman skin?

Women tend to have softer skin than men.

Difference between man and woman?

There are clearly differences between a man and a woman when it comes to part of their attributes like the reproduction organs. However., most of the organs are similar in both men and women in terms of structure and functionality.

What is the difference between a woman and lady?

A woman is a lady so there is no difference. They are the same.

Is there a difference in lung volume between females and males?

Yes. ---- The main differences in lung volumes are related more to the size differences between the average man and woman and thoracic cavity dimensions. If a man and a woman have similar size, stature, and thoracic dimensions, there should be little difference in their lung volumes.

What is the difference between married man having affairs with another married woman to a single woman?

Cheating is cheating no matter if the woman is married or single. The only difference is the man involved feels he can have a wild affair with a married woman without commitment because she will most likely stay with her spouse and the man cheating will stay with his spouse, but if he should have an affair with a single woman she may want him to leave his wife and commit to her.

Avez vous de connaisse faire une difference entre lhomme et l femme de?

"Do you know the difference between man and woman?"

Is it harder for a man to contract a STD than a woman?

The difference between the two is not enough to make it any sort of an advantage!

What is the difference between Hannah Hoch and Pablo Picasso?

For starters, Hannah Hoch is a woman and Pablo Picasso is a man. So there.