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What is difference between a man and woman?


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May 03, 2011 2:00AM

You can almost spot the differences straight away.

External Features that differ:

Woman have larger breats. Down between the legs a man holds a penis; the long, stiff thing you find dropping from his groin. Hanging off this are two testicles, they are what produce the men's sex hormones. For a women, they lay a vahina. A small slit allowing acess into her body.

A man is normally seen a being broad and muscular. While a woman is more skinny and fragile.

Internal Features:

A man holds one less the rib than a woman from birth. Down lower a women has what's called a womb. When she herself becomes pregent a baby is formed here. A man does not have this.

A woman's hips are also wider than that of a man. Allowing the young baby to easily come out at birth