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An executive chairman is full time office holder who typically leads the board and also takes a hands-on role in the company's day-to-day management. Because of the dual role, some say there is a significant agency cost to having someone be the head of both the board of directors and executive officers. An imbalance of the "checks and balances" of corporate governance is thus created. A non executive chairman is a part time office holder who sits on and chairs the main board of a company, and also usually provides support and advice to a chief executive officer. This position usually entails fulfilling a similar function on a number of ancillary board committee, as well as being a political figurehead of the company.

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What is difference between allowance and perquisites receive by chairman or retired chairman which is exempted?


What is the difference between a marketing executive and a business development executive?

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Difference between marketing executive and sales executive based on their job responsibility?

what is executive

Whati s the difference between MD and Chairman?

MD is Managing Director and Chairman is a man in chair

Difference between hr specialist and hr executive?

There is not always a difference between a HR specialist and a HR executive. In some cases, the executive will have a higher position than a specialist.

Difference between chairman and director of the company?

A director is someone who oversees the whole business and helps it run as a whole. For example, you may have a director of human services and an executive director. The chairman is someone who sits on the board of the company and makes decisions related to the company.

What is the difference between an Executive and an associate?

The Salary!

How much to pay a bookkeeper?

What is difference between account executive and finance executive?

What is the difference between chairman and chairwoman?

One's a guy and one's a girl.

What is the difference between the legislative branch and the executive branch?

The difference is that the president is head of the executive branch and the legislative branch is the congress.

Difference between a chairman and managing director?

Chairman is a head of a group of company's. but the Managing director is a head of a single organisation.

What is the difference between the eop and the executive cabinet?


Difference between treaty and executive agreement?

The difference between a treaty and an executive agreement is the paper they are printed on. The treaty is a signed document printed on paper. An executive agreement is an agreement that is verbal and probably agreed to by a handshake.

What is the difference between sales executive and sales officer?

The difference between a sales executive and sales officer will depend upon the company. Most times, a sales executive will have a higher position than a sales officer.

What is the difference between a treaty and an executive agreement?

The executive agreement is like setting the rules for the treaty.

Difference between executive order and law?

An Executive Order comes from the President. Laws are passed by Congress.

Is there any difference between accounts assistant and accounts executive?

There is a difference between an account assistant and an account' executive. The assistant is non-management and likely makes an hourly salary. An account executive is paid salary and would be over the assistant.

What is the difference between the Executive office and the Cabinet in the US government?

The cabinet is part of the executive branch. The cabinet is a group I advisors for the executive officer.

What is the difference between an executive order and a law?

The President issues Executive Orders and Congress writes and votes on laws.

What is the difference between executive and legislative government at the state level?

legislative makes laws whereas executive implements it

What is the difference between Executive Information System and an Executive support system?

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What is the difference between accountant and accounts executive?

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Difference between CEO MD chairman and President?

Chairman is the chief of board of directors which is the highest policy making body in a company. MD is appointed by chairman to look after day to day activities of the company

What is the major difference between a treaty and an executive agreement?

A treaty has to do with peace in a war. An executive agreement branches out in different directions.

What is the difference between legislative instrument and executive instrument?

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