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There is no such thing as photospectrometry. It's sometimes used when actually meaning spectrophotometry. This usage is incorrect.

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Q: What is difference between photospectrometry and spectrophotometry?
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Difference between spectrophotometry and differential spectrophotometry?

Differential spectrophotometry is a spectrophotometric analytical technique in which a solution of the sample's major component is placed in the reference cell and the recorded spectrum represents the difference between the sample cell and the reference cell...basically it uses major component of system as reference and NOT solvent ..for example if a enzyme ligand system is to be assayed ..enzyme + solvent is reference and enzyme + ligand + solvent is test sample..its for quantitative detection.

What are types of spectrophotometry?


What is atomic spectrophotometry?

spectrophotometry is a branch of spectroscopy dealing with measurement of radiant energy transmitted or reflected by a body as function of wave lenght %

How do you determine heavy metal in water?

By chemical analysis: Uv-vis absorption spectrophotometry, atomic absorption spectrophotometry, inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry, inductively coupled plasma emmission spectrometry, polarograhy, phosphorescence fluorometry, flame spectrophotometry, etc.

What is the definition of Spectrophotometry?

The term "Spectrophotometry" refers to an instrument that is often used to determine the intensity of the various wavelengths in a spectrum of light. This tool is a part of analytical chemistry.

What dyes spectroscopic study?

Spectrophotometry can be applied to the study of a large number of substances.

Spectrophotometric methods using light?

For example UV-VIS absorption spectrophotometry.

Who uses atomic absorption spectroscopy?

Atomic absorption spectrophotometry is a method in analytical chemistry.

How do you determine if the nitrate content of groundwater is over epa limits?

by the use of optical spectrophotometry.

What are the applications of Lambert-Beer law?

The Lambert-Beer law is the base of absorption spectrophotometry.

What has the author Frank Twyman written?

Frank Twyman has written: 'Prism and lens making' 'The practice of absorption spectrophotometry with Hilger instruments' -- subject(s): Absorption spectra, Spectrophotometer, Spectrophotometry, Spectrum analysis 'Wavelength tables for spectrum analysis'

What is difference between as on and as at?

difference between as on and as at